"Ice", "Meth" Is this a problem in your town???

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  • ohiocowboy

    I moved to Dallas a few months ago, and started hearing about a drug that I hadn't heard of before. It is called "Ice". Evidently, it is a methamphetamine, and extremely addictive. I have been hearing a lot about it on the news, and doing my own research on the net, it is evidently more addictive that Heroin and Crack. It is causing an increase in crime, as people will do ANYTHING to get the money to buy more to support the habit.

    I am living in an apartment complex, and there are 2 drug dealers here that sell the stuff. There is foot and car traffic all night long, and a lot of the people that come in to the complex act really freaky. I am at the point that I am afraid to even let my dog out to go potty, because so often when I go outside, almost inevitably there will be someone, or a group of people coming into the complex to buy from the dealers. The dealers themselves are really weird, they come outside in their underwear, eyes as big as saucers, and act as if they are floating. There have been at least 3 instances of gunshots fired either on the property, or on the sidewalk and street in front of the property. The police have been out here with AK 47's, because of a dealer who didn't live here waving a gun outside. I have received calls from a neighbor friend who is so scared she calls crying when these things happen. We have called the police on several occasions, yet most of the time they never even show up, and if they do, it takes anywhere from 1-3 hours to arrive.

    7 vehicles have been broken into here since my S.O. and I moved in here in Sept., including both of our vehicles, windows smashed and all, and have stolen our car stereos, and other things that were in our vehicles, and have also had stuff stolen off our 2nd floor balcony.

    We, along with others in our complex have tried telling the apartment manager, but she already knows about the problems. The 2 drug dealers have been living here rent free for several months, yet she will not get rid of them. She tells everyone to just look the other way and ignore it. One night, I was going to let my dog out, and there was a guy crouched, shooting up with a syringe not even 8 feet from our front door, it freaked the sh*t out of me, and told the manager the next day, and she used the excuse, "don't worry about it CJ, maybe the guy had diabetes". These are her typical responses.

    I have called crime watch here in Dallas for our neighborhood. They refer me to the DEA. The DEA says that they only will deal with problems such as someone bringing in 20-30 pounds of "Ice" in at a time, so they refer me to the Local police. I call the Local police, and they refer me back to the DEA. I finally found a police officer who said he is willing to help, as he went through his records, and admits that their is a big problem in our complex, but now at this point, I am so depressed and scared that I am afraid to get involved. I do not want to get shot and killed for ratting these people out, yet if I do not, peoples' vehicles will still continue to get broken into, and it is only a matter of time until someone gets hurt or worse from all of the drug traffic itself, and all of the guns on the property.

    An easy response would be to just move. Not so easy as it took almost everything to move across country, and since being here having to come up with insurance deductibles of $500 each occurence to have windows replaced, busted dashboards, etc. I just want a peaceful living environment.

    It is getting so bad that I have an appointment to get on antidepressants to try to deal with these issues, but I can't see them even working if I am still surrounded by stuff that is so scary as this is.

    Does anyone know of any other Drug agencies or Law enforcement agencies that can help and yet still allow me to stay anonymous? I am so afraid that I would be made to testify against them, as it would make me more afraid that they would seek revenge. There is already someone I know that lives here in secrecy that has a "hit" out against him because he pissed some dealers off.

    I am so sorry for sounding like I am complaining, but I have no one else to talk to.

    Should I just ignore the situation, and hope for the best?



  • daniel-p

    Meth is a huge problem especially in the rural areas, simply because it can be produced so easily (besides the social problems). In every area where I have lived it is a big problem.

  • DigitalFokus

    If you seriously want the LEAST hassle way out of this. I would move. I know moving sucks and its a money issue but seriously move.

    A "crack" house that no one gives a crap about is nothing to get shot over. Move. The way its sound it will be a while before anything really changes in your complex. You might be alble to find some sort of loop hole or some law to hold over your landlords head to get a deal on moving out. I don't know, if it was me i would look into it.

    Your situation is bad bro and I hope you can get out of it clean. My best advice though is move, move, move


  • moshe

    She tells everyone to just look the other way and ignore it.

    Probably, she could be getting some free stuff for her silence. I read somewhere that after Katrina moved all the welfare people out of New Orleans ,their city's crime rate plummeted- no more daily murders. The bad side to this is a lot of these freeloading criminals moved next door to -TEXAS.

    good luck,


  • FlyingHighNow

    Meth ruined the beautiful little mountain hamlet I raised my children in. It also indirectly turned my son's life into a tragedy.

    These days you have to do your homework before moving into an area, especially is this so with apartments in a town heavily peppered with meth. I'd worry about the violence that revolves around meth and its sale than anything else.

  • kittyeatzjdubs


    as a person who has lived w/ meth heads and been addicted to coke, i feel your pain.

    when i finally moved back home w/ my mother to get clean, we constantly came home to death threats on our answering machine. i had lost my cell phone in the users house and they started calling everyone in my phonebook. they left a message on my sisters phone threatening to kill her and her little boy....

    THAT is when i got GODDAMNED PISSED!

    you can threaten me all you want...my mother and father even....but when it comes to my niece and nephew, i take that $hit personal! i called them and told them that if they EVER even thought of calling anyone in my family again, i would personally escort the cops to their hideout.

    they never called again.

    the best thing to do is to lock your door, never ever make an effort to talk to them but still be cordial if they greet you. keep calling the law enforcement. if your local cops won't help, go higher, if the DEA won't help, go higher...someone will eventually help you.

    meth/coke/speed users are very high strung people and are very paranoid. it's easy to piss them off, so be careful....i'm not trying to scare you, but i want you to be safe.

    much love

    luv, jojo

  • serendipity

    That's very scary, cowboy. You might consider a move to the suburbs or at least move to a bit more upscale apartment complex.

  • OpenFireGlass

    TWEEKERS are CRAZY.... Move Away


  • stillajwexelder

    Missourui is famous for it and Kansas City yes

  • ohiocowboy

    Yes, I have seen the paranoia from some of these people. They walk around saying they are afraid to go back into their own apartments, because they are afraid that the people that are in their own apartments doing drugs with them will kill them. It's crazy. Then again, it is making me paranoid seeing the way they act on the drugs.

    We have also talked to the manager about moving out, and she says she will let us out of our lease, but we would not get any of our deposits back or anything. She acts very strange herself, she constantly shakes, but maybe that is a medical condition. Several times when the police have come out here, she leaves the property. I don't think she wants anything to do with what goes on here.

    Its so sad, because you see some of these people, and you hear about how they once had wonderful jobs, but they have nothing left, and they don't even have money to eat, they begin to get real skinny, and get sores on their bodies, so we started buying some of them food, but they trade the food for drugs. One guy came to us for help in getting him to an intake appointment for rehab. We dropped him off there, and I gave him $10 to take a cab back from his appt. when he got out, yet he used it to buy drugs.

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