"Ice", "Meth" Is this a problem in your town???

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  • ohiocowboy

    Thank you all for your comments and emotional support. I thought that this was a local problem here, I had no idea that it was such a widespread thing. It is scary that no matter where you are, city or rural area, it is such a major problem. Maybe something will get done about it, before it ruins many more lives.

    I have been up all night scouring the classifieds in the different areas around here, along with the suburbs, and hopefully soon will find a decent area. I know that I need to be more diligent in checking out the area thouroughly, so as to avoid the same issue.

    My heart truly goes out to those who have been affected directly or indirectly with the problems that this drug causes. From what I have seen and read, the effects seem to be a lot worse than crack. I see first hand what it does to people. There was a guy that lived 4 doors down from us who was a very heavy user, and everyone literally saw him waste away so bad that that it actually ate away his flesh, killed his immune system, and was taken to hospice last week to die. They said he was too far gone to survive, yet people here still continue to buy and use this drug, even when they see what the outcome is.

    Thank you all again, I hope I can be a listening ear and a shoulder for Y'all one day.


  • LDH

    Breck you're my hero too! I have done the same thing. And it's hilarious, looking at your picture, thinking of a tweaker shaking his fist at you to get the dog back. LOL!

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