What is the purpose of this forum?

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  • mrsjones5
    Any active, in good standing JW here ? Elders ? CO ? GB members ? Annoited ?

    Are you?

  • tassie

    the purpose of this forum is to convince those of us who are out of the cult and suffer from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) a well known by-product of the cult, to get our sh** together without drugs or hospitalisation. how do you spell that? i forgot. must be the other personality that is the expert speller; thought it was me. oh and if you guys go to my profile, the pic is of my 13 year old son and we can't get it to go off. but he's pretty cute, huh?

  • tassie

    hey my great grandmother was of the annointed. does that make me a princess or something? are there any new rules about that? i've been out of the loop.

  • enigmatoo

    Is anybody bethelite or fromer bethelite here, missionary or former missonary, or spouse of bethelite or missionary, or elder, or elder spouses, or GB , or GB spouses, or children ?

    Is this site operated by Watchtower or active Jehovahs Witnesses ? Just curious.

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    No. It's operated by an exJW. It is also moderated by exJW's.

    However, there are many that still attend meetings that post here. Former elders, MS's, CO's, and bethelites. Not sure if we have any former District Overseer's or not.

    Why do you ask? Why do you care enigmatoo?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    the purpose of this forum is to convince those of us who are out of the cult and suffer from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) a well known by-product of the cult,

    MPD (or the term DID/Dissociative Identity Disorder) is different than the cult personaity


    There are a few active witnesses who post here. This is in no way, shape or form, a condoned WTS discussion board. But all are welcome (although many have a hard time when Witnesses come here with the agenda to preach to us). We also have a wonderful support group of people who have married or become involved with JWs and seek to understand some of what their mates go through as JWs.

    We do encourage open discussion and checking the facts. if you are still a JW you might need to prepare yourself for many of the provable facts we have on this board. We don't tolerate lies, rumors, and gossip presented as facts. And we request truth regarding the WTS and its teachings from both active JWs as well as those who have left. That means being open minded and honestly willing to look beyond what the WTS says and does even when it goes against what JWs have been told by their leadership..

    Read, ask questions, read, read, and feel free to express yourself.

    Especially if you are a JW, please be careful not to provide indentifying information about yourself if anonymity is important to you. Many people here have left the WTS but still have family who are JWs and they prefer to protect that privacy so we do try respect that.

  • Gary1914

    Hello, and welcome to the best board for Jehovah's Witnesses and exJehovah's Witnesses on the internet!

    I am an active member of my congregation in very good standing. I am also an an elder.

    I love this forum and I hope that you too will find it enlightening and enjoyable.

  • trevor


    People come here to show off and get attention.

    I have failed on both counts but stay because the forum is addictive and I am a weak man blow around on life's highway by the ill winds of apostasy.

    Gird up your loins and go where thou wilt but tread carefully for the Devil is a roaring lion seeking to devour the unwary.

  • enigmatoo

    Enigma One,

    You asked my why I ask ? Why I care ? BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH.


    check this link out.


    " you will be judged by the word coming out of your mouth".

    If you are THE False Prophet and THE notorious LIER.


  • PopeOfEruke

    I'm a GB member.


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