for the DF'd: did you confess or were you ratted out?

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  • MerryMagdalene

    Thanks Virgochik I must admit that was fun. I was hesitant to tell my same old story yet one more time until a new way to do it occurred to me...Blame Monty Python. When I thought back to my informal, surprise JC meeting that was the first thing that popped in my head--"Nobody expects..."


  • crazyblondeb

    Ratted out both times!

    First, by another "sister" who was my partner in crime! She got feeling guilty and confessed. I refused to meet with them. Instead I snapped and ran away to my biological dad's in Texas.

    Second time-- My stepdad ratted me out. My parents ran to the elders every time we got in trouble. He didn't like my attitude, and it damn well wasn't going to change!!


  • rimbaudbunuel

    I confessed - I was 19 - I wanted them to know I was out there having sex, doing drugs and doing all those other things I wasn't suppose to.

  • target

    Ratted out.


  • mark hughes
    mark hughes

    Ratted out by my parents after I confessed to them.

  • serendipity

    Years ago when I was a somewhat active JW, I had an unusual opportunity to 'rat' out my mother when she was "fornicating" with her boyfriend. It would have felt good to retaliate considering how abusive she was to me as a child. She's a very haughty woman and there's no way she would have escaped df'ing. But I didn't do it and thought "Jesus will judge her."

    The only reason I confessed to the elders was because I was pregnant and they knew it. There's no way I would have confessed otherwise. It's was none of their business.

  • moanzy

    I was ratted out by my pious mom!!!! She was so disgusted in me. She went into my house knowing Iwasn't there and read a letter I wrote to a guy.

    I wrote about our night together. Imagine coming home to my house being invaded by my mother going through my things and then telling me how

    disgusting she is. Watch out for elders wives, even if they are your mom. I guess I always knew she couldn't be trusted.


  • bonnzo

    i ratted out my own self. both times.

  • DigitalFokus

    ratted out every damn time i got in trouble, and the DFin was the last time.

    they should get an exterminator for all the rats in the wts

  • mcsemike

    I faced a JC meeting after my wife and also a fellow teacher at the computer school where I worked told the elders I was reading Ray Franz's books. My wife left me and then they called the JC meeting. I was the brother's supervisor. At the meeting, the elders told me that he'd written to them TWO YEARS ago when I first told him casually I was reading the books. He never told me he wrote to them. I don't remember telling him about the books. What a coward. If he wasn't 6 feet 8 inches tall, I'd have punched his lights out.

    The JC meeting took 3 consecutive Sundays of one hour apiece for those inept bozos to make up their minds. (Sorry, elders don't have minds.) After the second meeting, I told my wife on the phone that the whole thing was a "kangaroo court". She called the elders and told them what I said. The third meeting, the next day, they asked me if I said that. I don't remember saying it, so I said no. They said it was my word against hers so they couldn't do anything. But they reproved me because I acted repentant. I didn't want to be DF'd so that my 16 year old daughter would be forced to ignore me. As it turned out, she stopped having anything to do with me a few years later anyway. I have seen her once in 3 years. I also intimated to the JC that if I got DF'd, there would be some hurting going on. Of course, if I ever told them that now, they would have DF'd me just to show me I don't run things. I was only reproved. But I told them the deal still stands. Anyone doing anything that causes my daughter to ignore me for the rest of my life is going to get badly hurt. Sorry, but someone has to do something to wake these jackasses up sooner or later. I'm sick of the destruction to families and the suicides I see. If someone shot an elder for each person who committed suicide, the DF'ing would soon stop. Bible reason?? "A life for a life."

    Elders are the biggest weasels in the world. And JW's who rat out a family member, especially a son or daughter, don't deserve to be parents. The sooner this sick cult is destroyed, the better. Maybe if someone prays to the Zodiac god, an asteroid will fall on Bethel. No loss.

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