for the DF'd: did you confess or were you ratted out?

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  • kid-A

    Looking back at the 10 or so cases of disfellowshipping I recall, I think only 1 was due to the Orwellian borg spy system. He was ratted out.

    All the other cases were actually "confessions" by people that otherwise would have gotten away with it. I am wondering is these percentages

    generally hold true or did some of you get DF'd throught the actions of some watchtower rat running and telling big brother on you?

  • Wolfgirl

    I was ratted out by my ex-husband, who was stalking me at the time. He followed me around, even online, and found out I had a boyfriend. (We didn't have "Scriptural" reasons for divorce; obviously emotional abuse and his idea of fun in the bedroom, overpowering me, were not enough for the elders.) He went to the elders about it, and they came to see me. I suppose I could have denied it all, but I've always been one to tell the truth when confronted.

    So when they asked if I had a sexual relationship with my then-boyfriend (now-husband), I said yes. When asked if I was planning on continuing it, I said yes. So I got DF'd.

    If I had it to do over again, and had time to think (They showed up unannounced.), I may have lied my way through it and spun a good story just so my sister and brother could still talk to me. But then, I'd eventually have gotten DF'd anyway, because it became common knowledge that I was living with my boyfriend, and then we got married. So still without "Scriptural" reasons for divorce with the possibility of remarriage, I would have been DF'd.

    That was a lot of talk for what could have been a very simple answer.

  • dinah

    I was ratted out by my mom. But I've talked to alot of people who confessed and were df'd anyway. That is a sad case. Obviously for someone to confess their conscience must be bothering them. That is why they are so disillussioned when they are df'd.

  • Jamelle

    The first time I got df'd - Ratted Out - my mother read my diary. (I was recently told by my sister that my mother states to this day that I WANTED to be caught, that's why I wrote about what I was doing in my diary. Sure, mother, whatever you say. Fruit loop!)

    The second, and last time, I got df'd - Ratted Out - the PO's daughter who was my fellow sinner, decided she was scared of Y2K and went back to the meetings, selling me out in the bargain.

    I was a saint compared to her "recreational activities" but I was the one who got df'd. All because I admitted to having smoked, then quit, but wouldn't agree to come back to the meetings. Boy was I a wild child!

  • kid-A

    Unbelievable! Two people ratted out by their own mothers???? Only in the WTS universe could something like this happen. I cant imagine how betrayed I would feel if my own parent weaseled on me. Thats got to be the lowest!

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    I think once one case of wrong doing is discovered, it often opens the door on other matters. For instance myself and my then wife and our friends were all brought before a JD because once one thing came out it linked to another person and the whole deck of cards came down. On that occasion only my friends wife got DF, the rest of us were reproved

    CS 101

  • lisavegas420

    ratted out


    ratted out


  • lowden

    For me it was the PO having a very keen nose for the emotional tel tale signs in the girl i'd been involved with. When he got his interogation hooks into her she cracked and 'fan' suddenly stopped working due to the unbelievable amount of shit that hit the blades. I couldn't have carried on living a lie for much longer though, being a polygraph duping liar is psycotic behaviour, sick in the head. Nobody should lie to themselves, it damages the soul,not to mention the mind.



  • MerryMagdalene

    Not quite sure how to describe it...I guess there were alt about me for years after I stopped attending.

    Then, after a car accident, and time spent recuperating at my JW mother's house, three elders came to my apartment unexpectedly...

    They also wanted to talk aboutalt but all I would tell them was that my ex-husband was scripturally free to re-marry. They blushingly attempted to press me for details.

    They asked me to


  • Virgochik

    Merry, what a cool post!

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