Ice in Your Drink?

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  • kittyeatzjdubs

    because you asked hun.

    so they take the old meat and veggies and dump it on top of the fresh ones........

    luv, jojo

  • collegegirl21

    Very disturbing! But thank God (I can actually say that without feeling guilty) I found that out.

  • DigitalFokus

    meh, hasn't killed me yet

  • funkyderek
    and if you eat at subway......

    '''subway. eat fresh!!!!

    A friend of mine worked at Subway, and used to use the mayonnaise buckets to cool his feet.

    I don't think that's standard practice, though.

  • greendawn

    The problem with the ice it's not really in the water but in that people are not cleaning their hands before touching the ice or food, however I was always suspicious about eating out, as with the farmers who may not correctly use pesticides in the right amounts and time, you rely on the catering staff and how consciencious they are. Do they wash their hands, do they throw away out of date food, do they properly control cockroaches, rats, and mice?

  • rebel8

    I got food poisoning the last time I ate at McDonald's and came **this close** to meeting the Grim Reaper due to a sudden, very fast moving intestinal bleed caused by the food poisoning. I was bleeding b4 I even felt ill or knew what was wrong. I just suddenly felt faint, then noticed a huge quantity of blood eminating from me and quick. Thankfully the ambulance came fast and I was only half a mile away from the hospital. (and thankfully I didn't lose consciousness b4 I was able to call 911 because my stupid coworker was blowing me off)

    And this is not the first time I've had this experience either........and I am not the only one. Food poisoning can kill anyone. It is serious. The lackadaisical attitude about germs is what kills people. These illnesses are easy to prevent but are transmitted because people are lazy, dirty, and don't care about their fellow humans.

    Sometimes it is a lack of knowledge, though I doubt that is the case at McDonald's because they train their staff. Sorry to pick but I have to:

    urine is is not necessary to wash your hands after taking a pee

    Urine may be sterile IF the person it comes from has no infection. However, that does not mean your nether regions you just wiped are sterile. If you touched your coo-coo, you must wash your hands. This also applies to men.

    *shudders* *Note to self: Strengthen resolve never to shake hands with anyone.*

  • IMustBreakAway

    A little germs and dirt is good for you, builds your immune system up. I've never gotten sick from ice before and until i do i am not going to freak out about it. Also i have never washed the bowl of my pipe, just scraped away some cake. (makes it taste better) Also i have never washed my teapot. Makes the tea taste better.

  • Elsewhere

    Actually, I think this is a great testament to just how great the human immune system is.

  • rebel8

    Not everyone's immune system is great. That is the problem. Elderly, children, people with other health problems--all are at serious risk when it comes to food poisoning.

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