Ice in Your Drink?

by Kenneson 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • IMustBreakAway
    Not everyone's immune system is great. That is the problem. Elderly, children, people with other health problems--all are at serious risk when it comes to food poisoning.

    True true.. I think all of us are in the habit to think about how the news affects us personally. Certianly someone with an immune disorder like chronic fatigue or Ebstieen (sp?)_ Bar would have to be more careful. Also the elderly and tykes.

  • luna2

    Aw, man, I'm not reading this article. Thanks for posting it and all, Kenneson, but I think I'd rather live in ignorance. I mean, everything is bad for you, isn't it? Everything has pollutants or is contaminated, restaurants are pits of filth and disease, food service people never wash their hands and only put on the latex gloves when they can be seen. YUCK! LOL

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