**Contribute your story to a new book about the JW blood issue**

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  • rebel8

    Good idea jgnat!

    To anyone else who may be interested........I am hoping to fill an entire book with your stories. Some stories by their nature might be very short, for example, if you are writing about something that happened to someone you knew and know little except the bare facts. If it is a personal experience, yours would be longer--at least a page or more (hopefully several pages). People are much more interested in reading stories that talk about emotions, not just medical facts; we need to appeal to our audience to capture their attention. I have some writing experience and am more than capable/willing to assist you in writing your story. If you feel you don't have much to write beyond a sentence or 2, send them to me and I will help you expand it. Other tips:

    • Write in chronological order, explaining your origins in the JW org and the progression of your illness/injury.
    • Discuss your beliefs that led you to make the decisions you did. Explain to a non-jw what led you, an otherwise sane person, to make a dangerous medical decision.
    • What role did your fellow JWs, the HLCs, the elders, etc. play in your story?
    • How did you feel physically during this ordeal? Emotionally?
    • How did this affect you financially?
    • Did you question your decision and why did you ultimately choose to do what you did?
    • Did you fear DFing? If so, what about DFing would be so awful that you wanted to avoid it at all costs?
    • Did you believe 100% in the resurrection or were you worried it wasn't true? If you did, how much did that play a role in your decision to obey the blood rule?
    • If there were "gray areas" such as blood fractions, dialysis, etc., how confident did you feel at the time that your stance was supported by the Bible? How well did you understand the Society's teachings about all the different medical procedures and treatments?
    • How did the medical personnel react to this? What did they say and do?
    • Was their media attention? Did word get out in the local community? How did that feel?
    • Were the costs of your care elevated because of your no blood stance? Was your medical care complicated or extended? How?
    • If blood was given without consent, how did you feel afterwards? How did the dubs react?
    • If you accepted blood, what happened afterwards and how did you feel?
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Will contributors receive a free copy of the finished book?

  • rebel8

    I probably will not be able to afford to give away free copies, unless I win the lottery or something. I could provide copies at cost to contributors, which would mean a few bucks off.

  • crazyblondeb

    I know my parents were prepared to let my little sister die because of that damned blood ban. She was 4 yrs. and climbed up on the hitch of an old utility trailer. It slashed her faced up and split her eyeball into 3 pieces. 6 hours later a surgeon finally agreed to the surgery. Because some angels were watching over her, the injuries healed and she has not lost her eyesite. They paraded her around like a trophy. All I can remember is the fact they were willing to let her die.

    Have you ever read my 2 experiences with the elders in the DFW area? I can email them to you, I imagine everyone is tired of me ranting about them on here. But because of confidentiality, I'll have to change things.

    I'm passionate about this topic! It really gets my blood boiling!


  • rebel8

    No, I don't think I've read your story. (I don't know what the DFW area is. ) Anything you would be willing to contribute is of interest to me.

  • rebel8


  • rebel8


  • M.J.

    I just came across this one. I can submit something anonymously.

  • rebel8

    Thanks! Anonymity is no problem. I understand the need for privacy. I write under a pseudonym for that reason. Anyone who can give their names is encouraged to do so because it lends credibility to the stories--but it is totally understood if you can't.

  • hubert

    Rebel8, I don't know anything about law, so don't laugh too loud when I ask this.

    If someone does a story in your book about their blood issue, and they plan to sue because of that story, would their entering it into your book, or any book, jeapordize their chances of suing?

    Just curious.


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