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  • rebel8

    With the recent media attention to the blood issue, public interest in this issue is heightened. I am considering publishing a book about the blood issue. My tentative plan for the book's contents:

    • Introduction with a chapter(s) explaining the blood issue, teachings, legal issues, etc.
    • my own story about almost dying several times due to refusal of blood/avoidance of preventative medical care as a child
    • submitted stories written by those whose lives were affected by the blood issue (the "patient" being themselves, relatives, or friends)

    My tentative plan to publish the book would be self publication (along with the rest of my books), and submission to "real" publishers to try and get a contract.

    I need to determine if there is sufficient interest before I could proceed. I would need numerous submissions in order to support the project. The project would move forward as soon as there are enough submissions and I have the time to work on it. That being the case, I cannot yet give a projected finish date.

    If you have a personal story or one you are aware of and would like to contribute, here are some points to consider:

    • Note if you wish to have your name revealed or not in the book. Very important!
    • Provide references to support your story if they exist. (i.e., news clippings, obituaries, etc.) If it is a loved one who died, you may submit photos.
    • Your story should be written with your audience in mind. Your audience is the general public, i.e., a person who has absolutely zero knowledge about JWs and their blood teachings except for what they read in the introductory chapter (described above).
    • Please be sure to elaborate on your emotions and how you suffered to make the story as compelling as possible.
    • Of course, no profanity or overtly hostile/threatening comments would be published. (Sorry to have to mention that but from experience it's unfortunately necessary.)

    Send me the story (preferably in the text of the email or in a Word attachment) to beth s author at hot mail dot com. You can send photos, clippings, etc. in attachments too. I will confirm receipt of your email by emailing you back. FYI I have had some trouble with receiving lengthy emails or attachments, so if you do not hear back from me, it is because I didn't receive your message. If that happens, PM me here on JWD and we'll figure out a workaround. THANKS!

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  • DannyHaszard

    I'll submit my story later of 28 years of chronic bleeding ulcerative colitis-Danny Haszard

  • DannyHaszard

    alt Comment from Danny Haszard,i have righteous proprietary to critique the Watchtower's bogus blood dogma. Born JW 1957 and contracted unrelenting BLEEDING ulcerative colitis onset 1970 for 28 years i have lost gallons of blood and never compromised my WT no blood indoctrination. When i finally had my major surgery to have my rotted out blood removed (1998) i banked two pints of my own blood,the world class surgeon was so good he didn't even need to use it (my own blood). I lived in mortal fear as a crippled child of one of my ulcers eating through my bowel wall and bleeding to death on the spot,already anemic from years of chronic blood loss from the ulcerative colitis. Yes! I stand tall as a witness of the watchtower's deadly dogmas. Jehovah's Witnesses revile the Red Cross

    Jehovah's Witnesses revile the Red Cross. ... The Red Cross was denounced by the Jehovah's Witnesses elder conducting the service as a "wealthy racket who ...
    www.pressbox.co.uk/detailed/Society/ Jehovah_s_Witnesses_revile_the_Red_Cross_36190.html - 13k
  • jgnat

    I think I could write a decent story of Shunned Father's experience, gleaned from the news articles and posts here.

  • rebel8

    TY Danny!

    jgnat, good idea! Could you get in touch with shunned father and see if he wants you to write for him? I had already PMd him to see if he wanted to write it himself. I'm not sure he visits this forum very often and I don't know how to get in touch with him otherwise.

  • jgnat

    I think a better approach would be to write it and then get his permission. The man is still grieving deeply, and speaks from his pain. He tends to lash out. I would like to write a balanced article that also highlights his daughter's (misplaced) heroism. She wanted to be remembered as a noble martyr.

  • Gill

    Shunned Father's story is a very important one. He should know that a lot of people remember what happened to him and his daughter and have a lot of respect for the struggle he faced to try to help his child.

    His daughter was sadly conned. She wanted to believe 'the lie' she was told and as a very young person, did not have the experience in life to be able to tell she had been tricked, as a lot of us have been tricked, by the WTBTS. It cost her, her life. It cost 'Shunned Father' his daughter.

    Their story shows why it is absolutely urgent for the law to always step in to protect the young from Quackery that is dealt out by organizations such as the WTBTS. Sadly, the law, still has too much respect for the superstitions and ludicrous rules of religious organizations that claim "God's Hand' in their nonsensical laws, be it unnecessary circumcisions or the banning of blood transfusions.

    I am lucky to be alive myself having lost 2.5 litres of blood in the delivery of my last child. I survived by the skill of two frantic surgeons and an anaesthetist, a week in High Dependency Unit, and months of rest before I could walk up the road again without having to spend the rest of the day in bed recovering.

    My husband was lucky to have a wife to look after his children. I was a fool, who believed WTBTS anti blood propaganda.

    All I can say is I look forward to the day that the WTBTS has to pay for all the lives that have been needlessly lost.

    They're just con artists, and very good con artists.

    I hope Shunned Father is on the road to recovery and knows that he is remembered.


  • jgnat

    Bethany's poem:


    Do not mourn me for I'm not dead.
    I lay asleep upon this bed.
    Waiting the time when I'll arise
    Living in beautiful paradise.

    No matter what, hope endures
    When of God's Kingdom you're assured
    I've laid down here in harmony
    Knowing my heart Jah could see.

    I've done my best, fought till the end;
    Now I'm waiting for 'round the bend'
    I know I'll live in perfect peace
    Where everlasting life won't cease

    No matter what, death do not fear
    For paradise will soon draw near.

    Source: http://www.eugenemeehan.com/english/cs_repwork.html

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