No More Bound Volumes or CD ROM's - the most exciting news of all....

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  • blondie

    *** km 3/92 p. 3 Announcements ***


    Out of Stock in U.S.A.:


    Awake! binder; Watchtower binder

    Stopped stocking them in 1992; they used to be blue than tan.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    I recall seeing some heavy binders that were designed to hold a year's worth of Watchtower magazines. The elderly sister who had them explained that they used to save each issue and put it inside the binder so they'd have a "bound volume" at the end of the year. She implied this was "back before they had bound volumes."

    Oh, absolutely! I had a few myself. They came right from Brooklyn in the literature order as I recall. I might still have one somewhere in box.

    I know some have said there is a donation box on the literature counter, but I have never seen that in this area

    They have been doing it in this area for a long time. The box on the lit counter is labeled "For Kingdom Preaching Work" or something to that effect anyway. All the halls in this area do it. Might be a CO/DO order that makes it different in some areas. At the end of each meeting the monies are counted and deposited. As literature servant I did that for years. The money in the lit box is line-itemed different from the money in the general contribution boxes on the reciept - and it all goes to the society. Some of the money in the other boxes stays local to pay the bills etc.


  • Sunspot
    The Org. is in decline. The 'Awake' magazine has gone monthly, country after country shows zero growth. The number of studies leading to baptism are now VERY low - most baptisms come from children brought up as believers. The number of hours per publisher is down, as is the pioneer to publisher ratio. Previously very active countries like Japan have peaked.

    I always was a sucker for pretty words!

  • TheListener

    I have quite a few of those old blue binders for the WT/AW.

    Now you order heavy duty brown plastic cases for the same purpose. I can't find my literature order form or I'd provide the order # and item name. Anyway they are cheaper and uglier than the older blue binders. Perhaps there's a picture of one on the net somewhere.

  • ballistic

    They are not stopping the CD ROMs and you can save up the Watchtowers and make your own bound volumes.

  • stillAwitness

    NO CD ROMS also???!!

    Whoa I thought it was just the bond volumes!

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