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    THE WORLD PUT ON NOTICE! BE AWAKE! BE READY! MARK13V30TO37 MARK13V30TO37 PART2 BY...CLOUD1 Introduction :Please, let us, each and everyone of us ,in the privacy of our own homes,or in our public or educational library, exercise our Godly domain, of freedom of thought, and TAKE OUT THE BIBLE, AND PUT TO THE BIBLICAL TEST, THE SPIRIT INSPIRED TEACHINGS, AS PRESENTED HERE, BY "CLOUD 1".The early disciples of Jesus, used this method of testing and examining the scriptures.They used it to make those ones, that they were converting,sure of all the things.Sure of all the teaching that they were being taught by them.{ acts 17 verses 10 to 13} Yes,Johns'directive was for the believers to test the teachings, they were being taught, by teachers, within their congregations. This is what the spirit directed, apostle John, advised all Christians, who wanted to be found faithful, to contining doing. John ADVISED,"TEST THE SPIRIT", TEST THE INSPIRED EXPRESSIONS. {2 thess.2 verses1,2}{2PETER2VERSES1TO9} JOHN ADVISED THEM TO DO IT OPENLY, IN PUBLIC, IN THEIR MEETING TOGETHER. IN THAT WAY THERE COULD BE NO SECRET SOCIETY, NO PERSON OR PERSONS ABOVE HAVING THEIR TEACHINGS, QUESTIONED AND PUT TO THE BIBLE TEST.What John advised,I ADVISE;TEST TEACHINGS BEFORE ACCEPTING AND BELIEVING THEM. I advise all persons living on earth,thus all persons of every religious system to follow the apostle Johns advice. Those religious leaders that have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear, from those in their memberships following this practice,that John set forth and taught his fellow Christians to do, to practice. ONLY WOULD THOSE BELONGING TO THE MAN OF LAWLESSNESS, THE SON OF DESTRUCTION, BE SO BOLD, AS TO GO ABOVE GOD, AND HIS SONS' SPIRIT APPOINTED APOSTLE, AND DIRECT THE MEMBERS OF THE CONGREGATIONS "TO OUT AND OUT", DISOBEY CHRIST SPIRIT INSPIRED DIRECTIVE".[2thess. 2v4 to v12.]LIKE THOSE LAWLESS ONES OF JOHNS' DAY, LIKE THOSE LAWLESS ONES TODAY. These anarchistic ones lift themselves above everyone, even doing so to the point , they lift themselves above God, and his word ,THE HOLY BIBLE. THESE "LAWLESS ONES" OPENLY DISPLAY, BEFORE ALL, THEIR LACK OF GODLY FEAR, OPENLY TEACHING ALL, TO JOIN IN WITH THEM, IN THEIR DISRESPECT FOR GOD, AND HIS SPIRIT INSPIRED WORD, AND AS WELL CHRIST BROTHERS. Only this man of" WICKEDNESS" would be so wicked, as to lift himself up, like KORAH and seat himself in the seat of Jesus Christ and rule instead of him,replacing him as the one ruling his brothers, his house,his householders.[nu.16 and mt.23v2] SHAME ON THEM, AND SHAME ON ALL WHO JOIN IN WITH THEM, AND WITH THEM, MANIFEST THE SPIRIT OF THEIR FATHER, SATIN THE DEVIL.[john9verses 42to47]Shamed they will become before all, by JESUS CHRIST AS HE NOW PROCEEDS TO MAKE MANIFEST HIS ROYAL PRESENCE.Doing so, by manifesting these wicked men, even doing so, on an indivdual bases before the eyes "of the minds", of all. O, the power and the glory of God and his son,Jesus Christ! AMEN! Yes,to be free, to put to the test, ever what, the religious teachers of Johns day taught, was the Godly freedom John openly taught, for all the house members to practice.To teach against one using or practicing this God given freedom is for one to openly take his stand against God, and doing so before the eyes of all. Do your religious leaders teach you, as John and other of the apostles taught, or do they teach you to go against what Jesus and his apostles taught??? Remember apostates and their lovers both, openly teach against what Jesus and his apostles taught.This is the way they revel they themselves to be ANTICHRIST, and either are body members of the antichrist or lovers of the antichrist body members. {1John2v28and chapt.4verses1to6and2John1v9,10}{;heb.3v6;10v35} Truth, loves being tested publicly, for that is the way it becomes established and reviled to all. God, therefore, loves for both his teachings and those taught by the man of lawlessness,the son of destruction, to be tested publicly, before all.That is what God will now make possible, and his son will now proceed to do. False teachers hate and fear to have their teachings to be tested publicly. Why? Because they have everything to loose, and to loose it before all, means to, completely loose all they have, forever more. That is what Jesus Christ is now progressing to do. He will revel publicly before the eyes of all his secred truths, and by his doing so, lighting up before the eyes of the minds'of all, the complete man of wickedness{lawlessness} and with him all his erroneous spirit inspired expressions{teachings} [2thess. 2v4 to v12.] Jesus Christ will now Judge, and make known his judgment of these ones, by their very own words, that is the words that come forth out of their very own mouths.[matthew12v36,37] He will do this as they open their mouths and deny him and his teaching publicly, before all.These ones, by openly taking their stand against these "LEASTONES" of Jesus Christ take their stand against Jesus, as do those all those who join in with them![MATTHEW CHAPTERS23,25] Their, Korah like stance, fearing even to allow these ones to speak,their spirit taught teaching, revel before all, they are like their "hamanic" father.They fear the Biblical light Jesus has given these "LEASTONES,"of his brothers.[mt.12verses33to38] These "lawless" ones along with their antichrist teaching will be brought to nothing by Jesus Christ himself as he makes manifest his royal presence, through these least ones of his brothers. How? By these least ones voicing his spirit taught teaching, in and before, the public domain.[John 16verses12 to 15] Jesus in this way makes known before all, his presence, power, and kingdom glory.These sons of Haman, like Haman himself, hate "FREEDOM OUR SERVANT"and all his domains of freedoms we enjoy, including the forums in which we freely practice these domains of freedoms. By testing every teaching, claiming Christ, as it origin, we can as, students,determine them to be, either the spirit inspired[silver talent] teachings of Christ , or the spirit inspired[ silver talent] teachings of the antichrist, [Haman and his sons].[matthew25v13 to 31]and[Esther3v5 to 11] Jesus invited his supporters and enemies alike to put him, and his God taught teachings to the biblical test, and to do so publicly, in front of, those in their synagogues, and at the temple, and elsewhere’s.[John 18v19 to 23] In imitation of their master Jesus Christ, these least ones of his, and having like him ,thrown fear of man from their minds, invite all the religious leaders to do the same. Test publicly before their members, these Bible based public domain teachings, published here.Test also the teachings of each and everyone of these least ones as they come forth, with their spirit taught teachings, from their religious prisons. Not to do so, is likely to be more faith destroying than if they had or do ,do so. Not all the religious leaders in Jesus day were wicked and promoted silencing him.The same will prove true today. To some, it will, very quickly become self evident, who has a love of God, Gods' son, his Sons' spiritual brothers, their "loved" ones, and who loves only himself , his position, and his prominence. I thus invite, not only those within the long time traditional religious arrangements, but all. Love, loves truth and what it can do, fear, fears truth and what it can do. Those who Love, love testing Biblical teachings,and do,do so, in ordor to make their faith in Gods word indestructible.LOVE CONQUERS FEAR AND THROWS FEAR OUTSIDE. {1JOHN318} Fear fears testing Biblical knowledge, and wants it silenced so it can not be known, and tested ,publicly and in so doing light up, and burn up false Biblical teaching.[John3 verses 16to21] I love the meaning and origin of the word TRIBUNE. I love freedom of expression, I love the freedom to test all that is expressed, so that, my FAITH IS IN GOD, AND IN GODS WORD,and in being so, can not be burnt up. God is love, need I say more. PLEASE,LOVE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND THE GODY FREEDOM YOU NOW HAVE TO TEST ALL INSPIRED EXPRESSIONS, TEST MINE! THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN REVELED BY JESUS CHRIST Last week, the writer, “Cloud 1” proclaimed Christ good news of God's incoming kingdom, for the sheep separated to his right hand. He briefly touched on Jesus' ["silver talents"] provisions by which he will make that promised kingdom a promise kept, a promise revealed.[2co.1 verses 17 to 22][Acts2 verses 14 to 36] The reason for now presenting JESUS CHRIST spirit taught teaching concerning his coming on, with, and in the clouds of heaven is this: It is by means of Jesus coming on the clouds of heaven, all earth's peoples are gathered by him, see him, are separated by him, and either blessed by him or cursed by him, all. How so? Please conceder the following :to be CLOUD1

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    Dude, you need to learn sentence and paragraph structure. Perhaps you are a University of Awake alumni? I couldn't get past the few sentences without being bored to tears.

    Yours Truly,

    The Antichrist Superstar

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    mmm let me smoke some of that shit that you are smoking

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    welcome Lea'sstoned. Im not going to read a block of text that big. Paragraphs please.

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    I don't get it... what is this even supposed to be?

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    drew sagan

    I agree, try some paragraphs or better yet how about paraphrase it. That would be even better.

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    We certainly do have our share of messianic types these days, don't we. What a load of BS.


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    Lea Stone,

    I laboured through the whole, dumpload of your post. You say that we should test your own post to see if it is inspired. There are too many Jehovah's Witness key words, like Korah and Haman etc.

    You say that Big J is coming floating on clouds,

    It says in the Bible, that he comes meek and lowly riding on a jackass.

    It says nothing in the Bible that the jackass will be braying announcing his coming.

    Send you post to Watch Tower, Brooklyn, with your return address on it, and then await the three stooges to knock on your door.

    You are in for a rough ride, if you continue to repeat your foggy, cloudy views here.


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    hmmm, well I figured this was either prophet22 or Franz, but the IPs dont match up. Whatever the case, welcome Lea and please deposit your post in a more suitable receptacle.

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