Would u let your child date a baptist?

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  • Belief

    Juni wrote:

    I get it now. Belief you must be a Baptist and you want to ask a JW girl out. Is that right? How old are you?

    I thought that was a giveaway...I didn't expect that observation...Maybe I should of came out with it in the 1st post.

    I was in the JW organization for 21 years. I know what their feelings are on dating and dating "unbelievers." I know that you'll get accurate answers to your questions from many here.

    Or you can go to the Kingdom Hall and ask one of the elders. They'd be most happy to answer your question.

    Why would they be happy to find out some non jw boy is interested in one of their followers...

    For the perople above I can spell and type just fine, but I feel like writing like this. How can any1 consider me a non believer? There are people who practice baptist badly and people who are bad JWs. I value Jehovah more than anything so what is the problem?

  • collegegirl21

    Belief... if you don't mind my asking... how old are you? And you want to ask someone out that is a JW? Frankly, if you have feelings for them, I say go ahead. The worse that they will say to you is no and explain their beliefs. Hopefully that will help.

  • Belief

    I found that telling people your age can turn on you if you're a minor. Let's just say i'm a teen lol. I'm matured for my age and won't try to force her into anything she doesn't want to do.

  • DigitalFokus

    doesn't matter the religion. as long as its not the dubs.

  • mrsjones5
    How can any1 consider me a non believer? There are people who practice baptist badly and people who are bad JWs. I value Jehovah more than anything so what is the problem?

    If you're not a baptised jehovah's witness that's the problem. Doesn't matter if you believe in or respect jehovah. The girl you're interested in is not allowed to date you.


  • Saoirse
    How can any1 consider me a non believer?

    It's important to understand that Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christians. They are a cult with doctrines that are in direct conflict with mainstream Christianity. They believe they are the only true worshippers of God and that they are his direct channel here on earth. Their view is that anyone who is not a JW is not a believer. People who belong to Christian religions, such as Baptists, are considered to be under the control of Satan.

    Here is a website that has direct quotes from the Watchtower's literature. This will help you understand some of their beliefs. You may want to read it before you ask this girl out.


  • ozziepost
    Would u let your daughter/son date a baptist boy/girl?

    If only they would!

  • Belief

    Well my Jw friends consider themselves christian too, how does not being a JW make me controlled by satan...that makes no sense

  • mrsjones5

    Makes sense to a jw and that's all that counts

  • LittleToe

    Try thinking of it this way: As a Baptist would you like your daughter to go out with a Satanist? Would your Pastor encourage it?

    To JWs, every other religion is likened to Satanism, including Baptists. They think that they are the only true believers and that no-one else believes correctly or like they do. They're half right - no-one else believes exactly like they do, and there's a good reason for it. If you can't work out what we're saying by that, then you must be at the very low end of the teenage spectrum.

    Save yourself some heartache...

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