Would u let your child date a baptist?

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  • stillajwexelder

    My daughter who hates the JWs is currently dating (despite her mothers dissaproval) a baptist!

  • M.J.

    honestly, before you get emotionally involved, please save yourself some heartache. This is YEARS of personal experience talking. I was in your shoes at one time...TWICE. Now I'm married to a JW. I could only DREAM of how much less stressful and peaceful life would be if I had avoided dating a JW in the first place!

    There are plenty of beautiful and wonderful Baptist girls, Catholic girls, atheist girls, heck even buddhist girls...

    Please let me know if you have any questions on specifics. I'll just tell you now that life and relationships are tough and complex enough without throwing in the complications resulting from being involved with a JW.

    It wouldn't be so bad if JWs had the freedom to respect your beliefs. But the fact is that they don't. If a JW does seem to have such freedom, it is a very nominal JW. But don't worry. There are certain life events that usually snap the nominal JW back into full indoctrination. Having children is one of those events. These triggers involved deeply seated fears and are not really rational.

  • heathen

    belief --- I won't lie , I don't have any respect for the baptist church . They are just as stupid as dubdum if not more so . I've had discussions with baptists before and wound up hating every minute of it . Believe what you want but I don't want to hear it .

  • M.J.

    oh and you'll occasionally find ex-jws here with 'residue' from being a JW, so just cut 'em some slack

  • *Heather*

    If I had a son or daughter I probably would as long as they knew that I would NOT like for my child to be persuaded into that religion. And they have to treat him/her with respect.

  • collegegirl21

    If I had a child, I dont think it would be proper for me to make that decision for them. Right now for me, religion doesn't matter and if their parents feel the same way, then go right ahead... have you asked this person out yet?

  • jgnat

    Belief, here's the dead give-away that you are a teenager. You still think adults are supposed to be fair and make sense. Most don't.

    I'm a regular Christian married to a JW for over three years. My husband and his congregation still consider me an "unbeliever". Like you, I honor Jehovah. My husband says I am not a "believer" because I believe in the trinity, believe that everyone goes to heaven or hell when they die, and I don't believe in a paradise earth.

    It matters nothing to him that I am still uncertain on the complete makeup of God other than I am sure the JW's got it wrong, I refuse to determine everyone's destination (who has come back to say, really), and who said I don't believe in a paradise earth? He then mocks, "So who do you think will populate the earth?" I reply, "Armageddon survivors, obviously."

    If the girl of your dreams is forbidden to see you, that's it. You can try and see her on the sly if you like, but it will be a terrible pressure on her to conform. They have made it clear that they have already made up their mind about you. Judge, jury, and executioner.

  • GodisRight

    Man, the dubs have really puting a hurting you guys.

  • Ellie

    When my children are old enough to date they can date whoever they want, I will encourage them not to go for anyone too rough but its their choice and nothing to do with me.

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