What's Your Typical Sunday Like Since Not Going To Meetings?

by minimus 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • Rhyannon

    I usually get up late(actually I just got up, it's 1:45 pm) cause I get home from my bar job at around 4 am. My husband takes my son to the gym on Sundays so its a nice quiet morning(afternoon) for me. AHHHHHH, I love Sundays.

  • cyd0099

    Lay around in bed. Play with the cats. Go out for breakfast. Linger over the Sunday paper. Read the internet (JWD included). Ride my bike.

    It's whatever I want to make of it, uninterrupted by three-plus hours of Dub-time (and that was just getting showered and dressed, travel to and back from the hall, and the bookends that were the WT "study" and the talk. And I can't forget standing around waiting to see if anyone would actually engage me in anything more than a quick, "How ya doin'?" as they rushed by.).

  • daniel-p

    Well, I'm not entirely free of the Sunday meeting, but when I am, it gives me a chance to catch up on all my oncoming work for the newxt week. If I don't start work Sunday I get hammered mid-week.

  • mrsjones5


  • minimus

    Ooooooooooo Mrs. Jones Mrs. Jones Mrs. Jonessssss We got a thing goin' on.......

  • Purza

    When it is football season, we start watching at 8 a.m. and leave the games on all day (while we are in and out of the house)

    Now that football is over, this morning I got up, went to the gym, washed my car, and took my teenager driving (she is learning how to drive a stick shift).

    Last week when the weather was in the 70s we went for a walk on the creek trail. Other times we go for a bike ride.

    Its nice to have relaxing, no pressure Sundays.


  • IronClaw

    Like any other morning except I start a little later.

  • minimus

    Feeling obligated to bother people on Sunday afternoons sucked big time!!!!!!!

  • damselfly

    Sleep in, watch discovery network, go for coffee and read the paper. It's my favorite day.


  • Finally-Free

    Ok, you guys are going to think I'm some kind of wacko, but I get up at 6 AM every Saturday and Sunday morning, same as I do during the week. I tried the sleeping in thing, but if I sleep in I end up with a headache that lasts the entire day - no painkillers seem to work. It also disrupts my sleep schedule and I won't be able to sleep at night. So on weekends I have a decent breakfast, play with my bird, visit my mom and sisters, do housework, and take courses.


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