JW Pseudo-Vegetarians

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  • kristyann

    We don't talk to them anymore, but a couple of years ago when we did, my boyfriend's JW mom and sisters all of a sudden decided that they were "vegetarians." They decided it was wrong to eat Jehovah's animals, and plus, they said it was "healthier" anyway. I found this to be pretty ridiculous for a few reasons.

    One, they were not REALLY vegetarians. After the mom had told us about 50 times that she was a vegetarian, we SAW her eating chicken numerous times and a hamburger once. And no, it wasn't a veggie burger, a boca burger, whatever... it was definitely beef. So really, they ate meat anyway... so what is the obsession with them telling everyone they are vegetarians?

    Two, they couldn't POSSIBLY be concerned about their health... no offense, but they were kind of overweight, and kept eating all this other junk food they ate constantly, anyway. They ate tons of ice cream and brownies and chips and greasy pizza and cookies all of the time, anyway. So how were they concerned about keeping their bodies healthy for Jehovah? (By the way, I agree that eating red meat is nasty for you, but contrary to what they tried to believe, eating some meats, like chicken if it is prepared certain ways and ESPECIALLY certain kinds of fish, is excellent for your health in numerous ways.)

    Three, one of the sisters worked at ARBY'S. That's right, ARBY'S. She couldn't have been too concerned for Jehovah's animals if she was slapping roast beef on pieces of bread and serving it up to whomever came along.

    Four, for some reason, they were obsessed with mentioning that they were "vegetarians" (which they weren't, of course, but claimed to be). For some reason, this got brought up in EVERY conversation I had with them. They (especially the mom) could find some way to bring it up or relate it to ANYTHING we were talking about. We could be talking about sneakers, a table, cleaning the house, airplanes, China, WHATEVER, and they found a way to bring up the fact that they were "vegetarians."

    Obviously it doesn't really matter to me or affect my life in any way... they can eat whatever they want, pretend to be vegetarians or whatever else they want. They could pretend to be medieval lords and ladies for all I care. I am just wondering... is this a common thing among JWs? Anyone else have this experience with JWs either being vegetarians or pretending to be, bringing it up every 2 seconds, etc? Does this make them feel more spiritual or something?

  • greendawn

    I haven't ever known a vegetarian JW. But eating fish especially of the oily kind is certainly good for you, as long as it is not contaminated with mercury or other dangerous pollutants. Unfortunately often they are. Many people eat sea food but no other animals, they are called pescarians.

  • Mary

    I remember at one congregation party when I was a child, we were having ribs. As we were munching down, a brother said "...better enjoy these now, cause in a few years, we won't be eating this stuff anymore!" This was a few years before '75 and the feeling at that time was that after Armageddon, we'd go back to being vegetarians, like Adam and Eve were. Hence, no more ribs, or pork, or chicken or beef or anything that had parents.

    These Dubs are probably, in some strange way, thinking that they're 'getting a head start' or something weird like that. I agree that eating a vegetarian lifestyle is far healthier than what we normally eat, but you're right: eating chicken is far healthier than eating a Mars Bar.

  • upside/down
    this got brought up in EVERY conversation I had with them.

    Because the Dubs are mostly mental cases...

    I've experienced the same thing with ADD/ADHD, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Krohn's, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lyme Disease... although the maladies are real, the Dubs seem to have a perpensity to wear their "malady" with pride and honor like a badge.

    Of course this is nothing more than a psychological coping mechanism to cope with the high-control environment.

    Just look at how f*cked up most of us here on JWD are/were... it's so sad.

    Also the whole vegetarian "thing" with the Dubs, which I also observed and loathed, was a HOLIER THAN THOU statement...period.

    I'd always say... why don't you ride a bike and stop polluting by driving your car while your at it...and would get the evil eye...oh well.

    Glad the Dubs are in my past...and fading fast.

    u/d(of the sick of their bs class)

  • rebel8

    I've met a lot of pseudo-vegetarians, but none JW. People like to pretend they are things they aren't.

  • upside/down
    People like to pretend they are things they aren't.

    THAT is the summation of humanity... brilliant!


  • luna2

    There are a lot of JWs who are whacky on the subject of health and diet. In this area there are several sisters who are very into organic foods. One (that I know of) does a lot of cooking with tofu. I assume some are also vegetarians. I don't remember anybody in particular talking it up and then obviously not adhering to it, however. I do recall hearing that there were some dubs (I think out California way) who apparently thought they were superior to other Witnesses because they were vegetarians. Sometimes you do get cliques like this in congregations. It varies. I don't know that JWs are really much different on this subject than any other group.

    I think some people make claims that they eat a certain, special, way to gain attention. I remember at least one CO and wife who requested organic foods be used in the preparation for any meal congregation members had them to. Of course, they still stopped for break at McDonald's. I had no idea Micky D's had organic burgers and fries.

  • Finally-Free

    I knew one JW who insisted she was vegetarian, but she ate chicken all the time. We had several arguments about this. She believed she was vegetarian because she would not eat beef or pork. But she was fine with chicken. No one could convince her she wasn't vegetarian.


  • mustang

    A friend of mine got bushwhacked by Dubz at a bus stop. So he actually went to a meeting or two.

    It happened that there was some sort of "pot luck" after the meeting. He was looking around for some coffee and a "sister" told him that "they didn't believe in coffee".

    I asked him if he was sure it was JW's and that he hadn't stumbled into a Mormon gathering?


  • Gregor

    The Golden Age mag. (later changed to "Awake!") used to have fairly regular articles on kooky 'health' issues. Always something out there on the fringe. I'll never forget the big flap over cooking in aluminum. For years after, whenever my Grandmother would eat a meal in someone else's home she would point blank ask if the food had been cooked in aluminum. If it was, she wouldn't eat it and would make sure the host was lectured on the evils of aluminum, citing the Faithful and Discrete Slave as the authority. I don't think I ever met a witness who did not fervently believe in chiropractic

    My observation is that people with obsessions on diet, health, natural cures, chiroquacktic verses the evil medical establishment ("they won't tell you to eat right, or take natural herbs, or go to a chiropractor etc. because that would put them out of business.") are really practicing a form of religious belief that gives them a feeling of control and comfort. It fit the JW mindset like a glove.

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