JW Pseudo-Vegetarians

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  • Mary

    I went on a strict vegan diet a few years ago-----I ate nothing but fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and herbal teas. I did this for a couple of months (for heath reasons). Lost 20 lbs. It was harder than hell to stick to it, but you know what? I felt a hell of a lot better than what I normally do. I had people commenting me on how great my skin looked, how great my hair looked, etc. etc.

    I actually wish I could stick to a vegetarian diet----I think it's probably way healthier than the normal crap we eat.

  • Highlander

    I have one relative that's a vegetarian and raises their kids that way as well. My only problem with it is that they rarely prepare and cook meals properly and end up

    eating too much pastas and junk foods. Right now the kids have so much energy they burn off the extra calories,, but I fear that later in life they will end up

    as typical overweight americans.

    If done properly though, I think vege diet is great. But if you're too lazy to prepare good meals, then forget it, you'll just ending up eating crappy like the rest of us.

  • lucky

    when I was an 18 year old dub, I decided to become vegetarian. I was vegan for awhile and I ate super healthy. My very strict dub mom actually had a big issue with this. She thought I was being influeced by worldly ideas and that being a vegetarian was unspiritual. She said that the only legitimate reason I could have for being a vegetarian was health related. I couldn't be vegetarian for ethical reasons because Jehovah had given us permission to eat animals and not eating animals would be "going above Jehovah". The elders had an issue with it, too, and seemed to think I was being rebellious. 15 years later, I'm not a dub, but I'm still a vegetarian (for ethical, as well as health, reasons).

  • willyloman
    I don't think I ever met a witness who did not fervently believe in chiropractic

    Now there's a whole 'nother topic! And you're right -- it goes back to the dubs' historic opposition to the medical establishment.

    Many dubs were suckers for various "organic" or "natural" cures and were always buying or selling each other vitamins, minerals and other pills, along with assorted powders (like that awful green stuff that was so prevalent in the '80s). Dubs had pet chiropractors that they'd refer all the "friends' to and they'd all go see them for treatment of their ailments, many of them psychosomatic in my opinion.

    Occasionally an M.D. who specialized in some form of alternative medical treatments would also be "annointed "by the congregational network and dubs would line up for shots, lithium cocktails and the like. This was really a whacky bunch, wasn't it?

  • somebodylovesme

    I'm a vegetarian, and my JW mother-in-law just can't wrap her head around it. She constantly tries to serve me chicken and fish ... sometimes even beef ... usually saying, "Well, you'll eat some meat, won't you?"

    The best was when she said, "Well, I know some vegetarians who eat chicken and fish!"

    - to which I said, "Yes. They're called meat-eaters."

    *shrugs* I just don't like meat.

  • Purza

    I knew a few JWs that were vegetarians and they were pretty normal people IMHO. I have a friend who says she is vegetarian, but then lowers herself to eat chicken sandwiches from Burger King now and then. LOL


  • blondie

    I have met several true vegetarians, but then they also fall into several groups, those that eat eggs and dairy products, those that eat eggs but not dairy and vice versa, and those who eat no eggs or dairy products, besides not eating any meat, fish, fowl, or animal such as cow, pig, etc.

    I have only known one true JW vegetarian and they gave it up after 5 years saying it was too time-consuming. I'm sure it put a crimp in their social life.

    I have heard it both ways from JWs in regard to the time after Armageddon:

    1) That there will be no hunting or fishing or eating of any animals.

    2) That there will be hunting and fishing and that they will still be enjoying a big, juicy steak (and these were elders).

    I have tried to research what the WTS has said on this and it seems to be that the official position is that animals will not be killed and eaten in "the new system"TM Note that every picture in the WT publications of people eating after Armagedoon shows only fruit, vegetables, nuts, not even cheese or eggs.

    I would have found that a wonderful opportunity to point out to these pseudo vegetarians that they should not be eating meat then. But then if most of us had to kill and clean the meat we eat, we might become vegetarians.

    Blondie (loves a good steak)

  • sass_my_frass

    I went vego for a while but it was more a self-abuse/starvation thing. I really only ate rice, fruit juice and chocolate, but it started with a book about being vego. It was about attention and the ability to take control of something - I had to fit into so tight a square for the rest of my life that I could at least be a bit out there about food and exercise, and it gave me something else to talk about besides the local congregation gossip.

    It was great to get back into real food, and I love meat now, not too often and only the best organic stuff, but it's one of the best things about being at the top of the food chain, imo.

  • funkyderek

    I knew a JW couple who claimed to be vegetarian, but as far as I could tell, that only meant they wouldn't pay for meat. They were quite happy to eat other people's.

    ~Derek of the genuine lacto-ovo-vegetarian class.

  • kristyann

    Ahhhhh hahahaha Derek! lol That's pretty funny.

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