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  • z

    Madam Quixote

  • z

    Madam Quixote Thx so much this was a typo In the name of god but aren’t the mans of god?
    My wife liked my accent when we wore in love after 30yr of marriage I just wonder if she still does lol

  • Cellist

    z, please don't let you're spelling keep you from posting. I have no trouble following what you're saying.


  • z

    Cellist will do thx

  • misspeaches

    Z I think its great that you post here. I enjoy reading what you say because I imagine thats how you would speak in a face to face situation.

    What you are doing with your employee is an act of kindness. You are trying to help him out of that decietful organisation.

    What I suggest you do is have a look in the Pay attention to the flock book and see if there is something written there about if they send letters or not.

    Keep up the great work!

  • gumby

    Z ya old bastard! 55 eh?

    I'm 51 but when I'm naked I look like a young 22 year old

    Hey buddy, I don't think you would have ever become a dub anyway with your type of thinking ability. If you saw flaws in the bible at a young age, you'd have seen the flaws within the Organisation of Jehovahs Witnesses for sure. Abandoning your faith you grew up with however can have many similar effects that leaving the Organisation can have and that's why you relate here well.

    Have a save trip my friend......and when you get the shits over there.....just put some vaseline on the ol' bungholio and everything will be fine.


  • just2sheep

    interesting post z. it sounds like the two of you like each other well enough to want something good for the other person. my advice would be to accenuate the part you can agree on and be very careful how you handle anything you can't agree on. of course you have to have the other persons cooperation on this. a lot of people on both sides of this fence tend to not listen to the other person or pay attention to someone who isn't listening to them in the first place. but if the two of you can talk without confrontation you can do some real good.

  • TooOpinionated

    It's definitely true about the letters. We were sent 2 of them. We were never notified by letter about any decision, however. Heck, we never were notified in person, either.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    My sister received a letter asking her to attend a judicial committee. To answer questions regarding spending the night at her boyfriend's. It was my parents who spied on her and turned her in. She was inactive at the time. Anyway, she was still a virgin, but they disfellowshipped her in absenteeim (is that the right word, I don't think so. See Z, even the English have trouble with English. lol) Anyway, since she was alread df'd for fornication, she moved in with her boyfriend and did it for real. They are happily married now.


  • z


    This is the best offer I had in long time so I’m going to get bucket of Vaseline (*_*) now7.30 am and I’ll be smiling all day thx buddy….. 22yr looking not bad


    I do have great respect to all including him at the beginning he was scar to listen I did not come out right saying bad about the WTS but slowly and now I say to him “you are in a horrible cult” I have to go essay, and I have great resolute
    I have to talk about carnet afire, history, geography, archeology, and more and than we talk about god and the cult ,first time I said to him you are in a cult and your god is evil he turn white he was horrified and now we talk about every news I get from this boards
    And this place is fountain of information thx to all of you.
    The best is I know the Bible and the languish he thought he can witness me like the people at the door most don’t know the Bible and I do

    Thx to all who replay

    Z (*_*)

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