I'm Not Going To Heaven......

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  • heathen
    I think with some research you will feel the same. That group of 144,000 was filled a long, long time ago.

    My research concludes that the 144k are around during the conclusion of this system of things . The only difference between them and the great crowd is that they die as martyrs to attain a possition as kings for a thousand years .This is not the symbolic death the WTBTS teaches ,it is a literal death . Revelation is clear that the last one will die by the ax , that is when God gets really upset . revelation 6:7-11

  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    what group will the 144,000 be pulled from. Various religions, people or the WT 144,000?

  • *Heather*

    " I feel like I'm not being true to the church I'm attending."

    Maybe you should take some time away from the church you are attending and gather your thoughts. But don't worry about being split down the middle with your beliefs. I know how you feel. It's a little confusing.... Don't let it get to you and take it easy man.

  • Billygoat
    as I cannot get away from the belief that only a few were ever good enough to get to Heaven.

    Art, I had a hard time with that too. I still do. But the whole point of Grace is that NONE of us are good enough to get to Heaven. No matter what we do, NONE of us are good enough or will ever be good enough. NONE of us deserve it. But it's given to us freely because He loves us. It's just up to us to accept the gift. I don't know if my afterlife consists of forever in heaven or forever on earth. Or maybe it's some time in both places. All I know is that my heavenly Father loves me like no other being has ever loved me and I am moved to do what I believe is Right in my life: be obedient to Him in this little life I've been given.

    Be True to Him, not to a building or group of people. If you can do that in that building or amongst those people, then keep going. But if you feel you're compromising your truthfulness to Him by attending, then stop.

    You are exactly where you are supposed to be.



  • purplesofa

    I never wanted to float around in heaven.........I never wanted to die.

    The thought of living on and learning all we can........enjoying the planet in peace is/was very appealing to me. And still is.

    Now I think the bible is talking about mankind in general..........not coming to extinction and not necessarily individuals.........I don't know.........I change my views every day it seems.


  • SixofNine

    I'm sorry, no substitutions. Heaven or hell, take your pick young man!

  • Billygoat
    I'm sorry, no substitutions. Heaven or hell, take your pick young man!

    Is there a split plate charge???

  • prophecor
    The thought of living on and learning all we can........enjoying the planet in peace is/was very appealing to me. And still is.

    Hi Purps, I so totally agree with that as an idea. This planet is so full of unique and wonderful treasures and treats. The bevy of things that exist in the ocean, the caverns of the Earth, stalagmites, stalactites. Hidden caves. The wonders of mankind's ability to create and improve upon his ideas. The skies phenomenon, the absolute grandeur of the weather cycles, the Aurora Borealis, the wonder of a waterfall, the Pacific Ocean. I could go on for hours.........

  • heathen

    Why sure a paradise earth would be a lovely home , that's why it is . I think the question is , does the WTBTS have it right? The answer is NO . Both in Daniel 12 and revelation 7 both show a group of people that "escape" or come out of a tribulation . Now then what could that mean? If you throw in what the apostle Paul had to say , meeting the lord in the air, being changed somehow and being with the lord , it seems that the lord does come to earth. It's easy for me to picture instead of a rapture that the city of new jerusalem lands on earth and people escape to it. It's also written that God will destroy the earth with fire just as he did with water in noahs day , so stands to reason that human life could not exist in the middle of that . I think it really sad what the WTBTS has done to the R&F , they even took away the kingdom of the heavens from them and promise them salvation through a book publishing corporation, told them they will never be allowed in to be with christ . That's a horrible blaspheme IMO .

  • IMustBreakAway

    Me neither!!! ((Whistling)) "If heaven ain't alot like dixie, I don't want to go."

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