I'm Not Going To Heaven......

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  • prophecor

    .....but I'm going to a church that thinks they all are. They preach a good game but in the end, I still believe in the paradise on earth theology. I'm split right down the middle, as I cannot get away from the belief that only a few were ever good enough to get to Heaven. The rest of us got the leftovers, which as far as I can see is a pretty good deal. I like being human. I love the wonderful things this planet has to offer mankind, even in its abundance of imperfection. I feel like I'm not being true to the church I'm attending. I'm having a fire fight of a civil war and my non believing family members are getting caught in the crossfire.

  • lonelysheep
    They preach a good game

    But how do they know they have the answers (if there are answers to be had)?

  • Hellrider

    Maybe you should talk to the minister about it? Anyway, I`m sure there are plenty on the forum that can help you get away from the "other sheep"-crap. The best theology on this issue is that of the rest of christianity, not the JW-version, when taking into consideration all the passages (and without twisting any). But if the problem is that you want to live in paradise on earth, well then you have a problem, yes...

    Or maybe not. Maybe heaven can be what you want it to be. Don`t you think it would be kind of cool to hang out on a cloud with a hot angelette?

  • kid-A

    Who needs a church? If you are a spiritual person, why dont you just express your spirituality in your own unique way? Unfortunately "groupthink" is practiced by all organized religion, JW or not.

  • MerryMagdalene

    (((proph)))...don't worry, whatever happens, it isn't about being "good enough" or "not good enough" and it isn't about personal preferences (IMO)...it's about being in a loving relationship and, because of that love, feeling good wherever you end up


  • Woodsman

    Change your Church,

    I knew a born again who had pretty good scriptural arguements for believing that the door to heaven is not closed behind you. She belived that after going to heaven Christians could come down to earth and live here again in a new earth.

    Jerusalem coming down from heaven.

    God dwelling with mankind.

    If you feel strongly one way or the other why not seek out those who feel as you do?

  • Narkissos
    I like being human. I love the wonderful things this planet has to offer mankind, even in its abundance of imperfection.

    I agree. And imho individual death is part of the deal. If you can accept that too you won't need either "heaven" or "paradise earth".

  • heathen

    Gee prophecor , what are the odds that the WTBTS fraud is wrong on their dogma ? I think the bible is saying that 144k die as martyrs in this life and are offered a special priveledge in the next where as those alive during the tribulation are saved by escaping and are changed as the ,apostle Paul wrote about, so that they can enter the city of new jerusalem and be in the kingdom of the heavens for a thousand years with christ , celebrating the marriage feast . I agree tho that most religion is all about conformity and usually has boundaries on free thinking and interpretation , kinda takes the fun out of it .I do like some gospel music and the feeling of bonding with people but I can't get past the conflict of interpretation in order to join a church . If I could find a good pentecostal church then maybe I'd give it a go .

  • Raphael

    Some points of view suggest that at the end of time the barriers that prohibit movement between the physical world and the spritual will be removed and that ressurrected glorified bodies will allow us to materialize and dematerialize ,to live as it were in both the new heavens and the new earth , in this sense also "God brings together all things in Christ, both the things on the earth and the things in the heavens" New Jerusalem comes down from heaven and God himself resides with us.

    You might also find the discussion on this thread of interest http://www.xjw.com/paradise.html

  • greendawn

    The earth looks good and enticing at present because there is so much that can be done than in a short life of 70 or 80 years but it's too small for eternity. There will have to be another dimension beyond this one limited earthly world.

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