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  • TooOpinionated

    Brings back memories of the Jon Benet Ramsey case.

  • Saoirse


    That first picture is just plain frightening. It doesn't even look human. Who is she - the Daughter of Chucky? Yikes.

  • Elsewhere

    I agree... I cringe when I see things like that.

    Another thing that I've noticed that really bothers me are the very very young cheerleaders out there. 8, 9, 10 years old doing dances more appropriate for a rap music video.

    The other weekend I saw "Big Mamma's House 2" and was disturbed by the young girls in elementary school dancing bent over and bouncing their butts like you see in music videos. I just don't think that is at all appropriate for little girls.

  • whyamihere

    I am raising my daughter to be independent, to speak her mind, never say never, and to live out any dreams she has.

    We can play with make up another day. I have nothing against the Pageants. I know my daughter is beautiful, I will tell her that myself, not a judge.


  • Mulan
    I think they are disturbing. I think those moms have a sickness.....an addiction.

    I feel exactly the same as that.

    I watched a documentary on them a few years ago, and was surprised that the audience was so small, mainly just the other mothers and siblings. Very few men in the audience.

    The hair pieces, teeth work, and fake tans is very, very disturbing, for such young girls.

    One of our nieces entered her daughter in one when she was about 12 (now about 24), and she won. They didn't have money for any of the glitzy stuff, like special costumes, and hair pieces, but she still won. She got her trophy and didn't want to do it again. She was a cute little girl but no great beauty.

  • luna2
    i hate all beauty pageants.

    I'm with joelbear on this. As a kid our family used to watch the Miss America pagent with score cards in hand in order to do our own judging of the contestants. It wasn't meant to be mean-spirited, but it kind of was. The majority of "points" were awarded for how they looked, not how smart they were or how talented, just how perfect their faces and figures were. They like to call it a scholarship pagent now, but if that's the case, why bathing suit and evening dress competition? Over the years I've developed a distaste for this sort of thing. I understand why they do it, I just don't feel comfortable watching it any more. The child pagents are straight up sickening. I've seen tv specials on this stuff too and its completely disgusting. The mothers (and sometimes fathers) seem to be just as addicted to getting their little girl an award or title as a drug addict is to his/her drug of choice.
    I understand being proud of your child, but they've taken it to a very unhealthy extreme. These kids are treated as objects and really have no say in participating. When asked, the girls may say they enjoy it, but many of them have been involved in these contests since they were toddlers and don't know anything else.
    Seeing little girls slathered with make up, taught how to smile and pose like miniature Paris Hiltons and dressed up as adults gives me the creeps. Its just wrong.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Crikey, I wasn't sure how OTT they were until I saw those pics - frightening indeed.

    When I was young (eee them were t' days...!) we had competitions for who would be 'gala queen' (U.S. carnival?) and get to sit on the back of a lorry in the gala parade but you just put on your best dress and did your hair nice, it wasn't this extreme.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    sick sick sick - the mothers - not the children

    I too saw a documentary on this. The mothers tried so hard to justify it all. The kids have been trained to be "on show".

    What happens to their self esteem when they don't win or when they don't get top 3 billing

  • stillconcerned

    Yup. SICK stuff.

    Reminds me of an acquaintance, who, when asked what plans/hopes/dreams he had for his 6 year old daughter, replied "super-model"...!

    SICK sick sick.

    It irritates the crap outa me that we continue to tell our daughters that their worth is about their LOOKS alone.

    I have an 8 year old daughter. SHE WILL NEVER hear this from me, and i will insulate her from it as much as possible.

    Along the same lines:

    During my first full blown trial as a 'baby lawyer' in federal court (at 27 yoa), the federal judge looked down his nose at me, underneath his reading glasses, and said,

    "Do they let pretty little baby girls like you practice LAW now?"

    This was before my client, the jury, opposing counsel, and a full courtroom, immediately prior to my opening statement.

    I wanted to floor to open up and CONSUME me.....

    (and i think that was his intent.)

  • damselfly

    It's so distrubing to me, it makes me feel sick to look at them.

    What happens to them as they get older? The only thing they got is a sense of esteem based on their looks ~ when that falls apart I would imagine they would too.


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