Do things really always happen for a reason?

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  • Super_Becka

    I wouldn't say that there's a big "master plan" for everyone that's already planned out and can't be changed, but I do firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, to teach us something, or so that we can learn from our mistakes, or so that we can see both happiness and sadness.

    For example, two years ago, about 6 months after I finished high school, my high school crush asked me out, and I was thrilled, it was exactly what I'd always wanted. Then about 4 months into the relationship, he started to lose interest, and after a year of dating, I broke up with him because he was cheating on me with a close friend of mine. It was rough, but I learned that people aren't always who you think they are - everyone thought he was a great guy, we were all shocked that he'd do something like cheat on a girlfriend.

    And if he hadn't cheated on me and I hadn't dumped him for it, then I wouldn't have started going out with my current boyfriend, who's a total sweetheart who treats me like a queen. If I hadn't had that bad relationship, then I wouldn't be in the relationship that I'm in right now, and I certainly wouldn't appreciate it as much as I do.

    That's just one example from my personal experience. I've had lots of things happen to me, and I try to learn from everything. I believe that nothing in life is pointless, there's reason for everything, otherwise, why would it happen??

    But that's just my opinion.

    -Becka :)

  • AlmostAtheist

    So far the answers have been yes, no, healthy, and unhealthy. Nice concensus!

    Sherry, you sound as if you're trying to learn from experience. That's uncontestable, I think. When people have brought this kind of question up in my past, they've brought it up in the context of getting a certain phone call at a certain time, or seeing a black bird, or tripping over something and finding a quarter, that sort of thing. They follow the black bird which flies to a parking lot, then they find just what they were looking for at that store. Coincidence?

    I say yes, they say no. Who's to say which is right? (*I* am, of course! But don't even TRY to tell them that.. so unreasonable...)


  • jwfacts

    Many things could happen for a simpler reason, such as we are subconsciously making them happen.
    Pray has been scientifically indicated to work, as does positive thinking.
    But at a highler level there is the idea of collective consciousness. Are we all interwoven as part of a greater scheme, not necessarily having everything directed, but each action affecting other actions that happen.

    My wife just had a miscarriage and had to go to hospital yesterday, so things are a bit down at the moment. When she accidently fell pregnant there were a lot of comments that it was wonderful and meant to happen. Now there are lots of comments that the miscarriage was for a reason.
    I see a reason, I never wanted a child, now i do. But the rest of my life is so chaotic right now maybe it was not good timing. Maybe I have learnt that i should have a child, but plan for it in a few months. Or maybe there is a reason it was not meant to be that will unfold.
    On the other hand i equally see no reason for it. It just happened. There are lessons to be learnt, and that is as far as I should think about it.

  • DigitalFokus

    yeah they happen for a reason. for example

    I get hit by a car -- **reason** i wasn't watching where the hell i was going or "they were not watching where they were going" or something to that effect. it wasn't because a butterfly flapped its wings in nepal or some bs like that.


    You lose your job -- **reason** you sucked at your job, you didn't kiss up enough, they were downsizing or whatever. its not because "someone" has a grand plan or some bs.

    Life is random and ruled by cause and effect and thats it. There is no grandmaster pulling strings or saying "I think its so and so's time to die"

    you eat unhealthy foods. your chances of dieing sooner go up

    you smoke -- up goes your chances of cancer to not getting a date.

    we are not ruled by some unholy/holy plan. shit just happens.

  • Gretchen956

    Almost, yes I am learning from experience, and I think thats healthy. But I also know that everything I have experienced up to now has made me who I am. And all of those things, good and bad, were lived through, dealt with, celebrated, and digested. Now did they happen for a reason? Certainly, so that I could be a well rounded individual.

    As to the omen thing, I think that sometimes we enter into auto-pilot. Like when you go somewhere and when you pull into the driveway you think, jeez, I don't even remember driving here. Well sometimes we aren't really "present" all that much. Sometimes some bird will fly by or you'll trip, it brings you back into the moment and makes you fully present and more aware. So if you aren't spacing off you are more likely to see that quarter, or whatever else goes on.


  • Sparkplug

    After lately- I sure FOOKING hope not. There better not be some power making all this happen. If there is I swear, you dont have an a$$ big enough for my boot. I will stomp a sadistic crap like that into a mudhole. So help me...DOG.

  • serendipity

    Doesn't that sound like predestination?

    I think that belief takes away individual responsibility and initiative. Some things may happen for a reason. Some things are just consequences of our decisions. But to say there is a master plan controlling every event - I don't think so.

    edited to add: ((( jwfacts & family )))

  • Narkissos

    Sorry to hear that jwfacts.

    From our perspective as speaking humans, i.e. storytellers, we describe reality as a continuous flow of causes and consequences. We make up objective stories for the universe and subjective ones for our lives.

    We thirst for meaning until meaninglessness quenches our thirst.

  • misspeaches


    I'm so sorry to hear it. Please give your wife a big hug and pass along my sympathies...

  • Satanus

    Most stuff is random. However, the subconscious has a lot to do w the way things go for individuals, in general. I believe that what we want subconsciously is what we get. Others respond often subconsciously to our own subconscious desires, good or negative. Meditation uncovers this to an extent.

    It may be that we preexisted as spirits, and in that state have preplanned certain life courses/events. I certainly don't believe that a wt god or bible god exists to cause anything. But, these are only my opinions.


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