How about a JWD charity?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Maybe a 'Charity of the Month' is the best and easiest way to do it?

    My idea is that we might focus attention in a small way on the charitable character of the forum as a whole. We all [or many at least] came out of an organization that smashed any idea of giving. This would give us a familiar outlet to connect with in our giving.

    Secondly, it would put teeth in the concept that we [as xjws] are not evil and wicked and looking only to 'take care of #1'. This may be of aid to future lurkers, as they assess the character of those who have left the organization. That would be a benefit, but of course not the motive in doing so. It would be great to be able to report here how much was given in a period of time, as an encouragement to all of us.

    If the 'Charity of the Month' is the way to go, lets get started.

    Use this thread to name your charity of choice, along with links and addresses. One will be chosen and posted as the March selection with the appropriate information for the charity.

    If any others would like to assist in making the selection, please PM me. Those interested could also be aware of the matter and keep the thread bumped throughout the month. My work schedule keeps me offline for Friday thru Sunday usually, so that would help.

    If there are any issues I would be violating to do this monthly, administrators and moderators please let me know. I think we should also mention how to donate to JWD with each month also. This site is important to keep going.


  • Gretchen956

    A legal fund for victims of child abuse. There's an attorney on this site that could probably help connect that up for you. I think that or the blood issue somehow would be the closest two to our hearts.


  • rebel8

    Here are my ideas FWIW. Perhaps just starting a new thread at the beginning of each month and keep it bttt, the links providing a method to donate or volunteer, is the simplest way to go.



    March--(Red Cross Month) donate blood:; donate time/money:; other types of donations:

    April (coincides with Earth Day 4/22) Nature Conservancy--donate:; volunteer: buy a reusable grocery bag to reduce environmental hazards: US/Canada-- Aussies--


    June (actual start is Memorial Day, which is usually May 30th or thereabouts)--Silent Lambs--donate:; volunteer:; spread the word: and

    July --AJWRB--Donate:; Donate blood:





    December--Freeminds (coincides with UN Human Rights Day 12/10);

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