How about a JWD charity?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Since we are much like a 'club' here in some respects, how would someone go about setting up a philanthrophic outlet?

    There is such a loving and concerned spirit here, and I am sure that a worthy cause could be found.

    Just how could this be done? Any ideas? Could there be a 'committee' willing to shoulder the administration of this?

    I am serious, and would love to be part of such a thing. But I have no idea how it could be started and controlled.


  • Honesty

    How about setting up donations from the board for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society?

    They are doing a lot of research on Leukemia. It affects a lot of children.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Good suggestion, Bob.

    Still, I have no idea how the whole thing could be coordinated?


  • Honesty

    You've got a PM.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    I set up a non-profit organization a few years ago. it is a long drawn out process requiring a board and submission to state/province and/or country applications. You need a clear mandate and need to have regular board meetings to determine what to do with the money recieved. Reports have to be made to taxation offices and accounts have to be kept ready and up-to-date for periodic assessments

    Not trying to shoot down the idea but inject some issues that would need to be considered.

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes

    An excellent idea which I am happy to be a part of if requested.

    How about a charity close to the hearts of a few of us such as child abuse victims or organ donor charities. We could all give a little in our own way by giving blood if we are able.

    Ok I admit it I'm an apostate but its worth a few thoughts.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx LL for that. I know it would be a big hassle whenever the Gov't gets involved for sure. No rain on the parade felt here.

    I was informed that a poster has already done that work for a worthwhile cause. Maybe we can support that one.

    What can the admin here do to help us promote such things? Is that possible in some way? Don't want to step over lines we are not supposed to either here. OR to take advantage undue from the forum.

    Any thoughts?


  • Oroborus21


    setting up a charity (state) is not too difficult. there are some hoops to jump through but anyone can do it. I helped organize the cancer charity that I sit on the board of (Blue Faery The Adrienne Wilson Liver Cancer Association).

    obtaining federal exemption, 501(c)iii, status is another matter. Many more hoops to jump through. most charities try and obtain federal exempt status so that person's contributions to the charity are tax deductible.

    Of course, if you have no concerns about becoming tax deductible, you do not have to seek federal exemption. that would make a lot of the record keeping much simpler.

    Keep in mind that anytime you take in money from others you have a legal and a moral duty to spend the money that has been donated wisely. This is not a small responsibility.

    But the thing is, I have to ask why would you want to set up a JWD charity?

    If you just want to focus attention on giving to other causes, you can just start a thread "Cause of the Month" or something and ask JWD folks to support whatever it is you want to tout that month.

    If you want to create a resource to funnel money into education or activism against the Society - there are others that are already set up that you can donate your money to. (Randy and other counter-cult ministries are 501(c)iii orgs.)

    If you wanted to create a resource such as an online repository (the library idea mentioned a couple of weeks ago), you don't need a charity to do that. Just set it up as a website and ask for donations. Nicolau has already started a Wikipedia site:

    (I think the library idea, might have also included a physical space where old publications, etc. could be stored and donated to. Such an idea has limited value as only a few would ever go and reference the materials or borrow them. But if one was still interested maybe you should ask Randy if he has any space at the office for a library and start sending him your old pubs. Really though, the materials should be scanned and made available but then you will have copyright issues to deal with.)

    Support network? that's what JWD is already for (in part) and I am sure Simon appreciates donations or purchases.

    So again, I guess I don't see exactly what value there would be in setting up a charity.

    The only thing that I might imagine would be if you set up a charity that on its face was not completely in the vein of a counter-cult ministry or evangelistic, etc. and that you hoped would get wider support and even support from JWs but I don't see that happening. JWs are not known for being supporters of charities and one that had even a little negative take on the Society would be viewed as an apostate organization.

    maybe I just need to hear your or other's ideas about what the FUNCTION and the MISSION of such a charity would be?

    -Eduardo Leaton Jr., Esq.

  • Oroborus21

    PS: you usually don't need a separate board, you can just have the minimum officers. President, Secretary, Treasurer.

    there are other forms of charitible org, which I didn't get into ,but you could also have a membership org, that charges dues to its members...

    side question: if JWD was a pay to participate or member only site, how much would you be willing to pay a month? (answers to this question could give you an idea of how much membership support you might have - course depends on your value and function)


  • rebel8

    I am already in the process of setting up a charity in my community. For JWD I like the idea of having a "cause of the month", utilizing at least one of the months to support this web site since it is definitely a good cause and helps many. There is also, freeminds, ajwrb, and silent lambs. It would be really cool if we added the Red Cross too (smirky grin). There, we've got 7 charities already!

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