Fluff- Why?

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  • lola28
    You never need a fluff thread for that sweetie.

    hehe ***makes mental note***


  • Sparkplug


    Sorry for the rant sparky. Back to normal programming

    Dont be crazy the one EXJW said to the other EXJW. I was looking for ranting. I have been on a spill my guts roll all morning and I need someone to divert attention from my heart on my sleeve. lol

  • Sparkplug


    I'm a full time single father whose ex-wife wiped us out financially two years ago before mentioning, "Oh, by the way, I think we should get a divorce and you should take custody of our son."; whose ex-wife still has not paid any court-ordered child support; whose ex-wife rarely calls to speak to our son; whose ex-wife is, step-by-step, allowing her life to sink into the gutter overflowing with alcohol, following the footsteps of her alcoholic father who died last year in a pool of vodka. And I'm the one that has to try to answer questions about why we no longer live with mommy, and console him when he starts to cry because he misses his mommy.

    My mother is dying slowly of cancer. She is a controlling, often mean-spirited, nosey woman. She tries to use her sickness to guilt people into doing what she wants them to. Yet, the little boy inside still loves his mommy.

    Much as many here, the psychological triggers embedded by the WTBTS demonizing just about everything there is in the world made adjusting to life outside a horrendous chore that took up most of my twenties. In many ways, I often felt like I was so far behind everyone else my age as far as development goes. I still feel pretty naive at times. I sometimes think I am now where I should have been in my early to mid-twenties.

    Damn I cannot shut up. I give you kudos. That , all of that is really hard to deal with individually. Keep up the good work It will all pay off.

    Did you notice your good list was longer than your bad list? Too Kewl!

    hmmm let me take a nap and I may come back and see how my good compares to the harsh.

  • daystar

    Thank you, ladies, for the kudos. When this all began, I gained a great deal more respect for you gals who've had to deal with similar with deadbeat dads.

    Hugs and kudos all around!

  • damselfly

    I love a good fluff thread because some days it's the only bright spot.

    I get too bogged down emotionally with a lot of the heavy threads so the fluff ones break the tension you know?

    Sometimes the "real" person beyond the poster can really shine in the fuffy threads, it's as if their true personality comes out to play for a bit.


  • Sparkplug

    See right here in the fluff we learned more about Daystar than I ever knew.

    I actually avoided him a bit because of the avatar. Kind of freaked me out. lol

    Now I have some admiration.

    And Daystar! You cutie have bad days. You always seem so swell.

  • lola28

    I agree with dams, I have learned alot about some posters here when I start one of my " I'm bored threads"


  • mrsjones5

    I like to laugh...life is too short

  • acadian

    Hi Sparkplug,

    I like some fluff now and again, we all need a laugh here and there, I try to provide that by being a little crazy

    I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad year, but it will get better, and if you need a laugh just look at my pic again on the hottest male posters.

    And if it don't make you laugh, just be glad you don't look like me.

    Love and Peace


  • theinfamousone

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{MY SPARKY!!!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    so many hugs for you babe... im sorry... just remember, we all have our demons, and some of us are better than others at handling it... never let anyone or anything hold you back... be there for your kids, for i know theyre there for you... IF IT DOESNT KILL YOU, IT MAKES YOU STRONGER.... its a cliche, but its true...

    i love you girl... you have done so much for me in the last little while... you can lean on me, just for a shoulder to cry on, or anything, im willing to jump on a plane if necessary.... (KISSES) and seriously, i mean it all... i will do that for you...

    the infamous one

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