I Think I'm In Love

by unclebruce 47 Replies latest jw friends

  • ozziepost


    I think the big white space is grumbles looking through a glass darkly!

  • deeskis

    Awww unc

    don't take it badly, just enjoy the feeling. Third time's a charm they say!

  • unclebruce

    Thanks for the tea & sympathy all you wonderful people (and Gumby)

    It's OK don't worry ..I'm wide AWAKE! and well over it now . brrrrwww shakes me head - what was I thinking with?

  • Think

    Hello Bruce,

    Thanks for loving me ! I love you too, man !

    Don't feel bad, LOVE IS ALWAYS a good thing, right ? Agape Love ?

    That what they teach at JW. I feelT in love with JESUS CHRIST !

    Sorry if I can't marry him .

    But you are nice guy unclebruce, by the way, what was that, that MADE you started to love me ?

    You can tell me...

  • jgnat

    THINK, I just gotta say, that grinning sheep is absolutely CREEPY.

  • unclebruce

    ROTFL @ think!

    Who can explain Love? (but i think the hint of spanish helped

  • Dansk

    Hey, Unci baby, it's GREAT to see you posting again!

    Sorry about your lovelife, but better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all (what twit wrote that!). Who on earth would want to have loved and lost compared to loving and winning? I'd rather not bother. Sheesh!


  • Think


    Why you THINK is creepy ???

    Is it not, that ALL the sheeps will be made THAT way, sooner or later, if they STAY in JW Occult ???

    Just a Thought, something to ponder and THINK about....

  • slugga

    Ok enough of Thinks wibbling... Who's up for de-bagging him?

  • Think


    How about now, is the avatar better ?

    Unclebruce, I still love you man ! Do you love me too ?

    You see, i have a very small, tiny boobs. And i know you like BIG boobs.

    I am sure, that in the Kangoroo country, there are many lovely Sisters Eager to marry you. Don't feel bad. I am still in love with Jesus Christ.

    He is my man.

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