I Think I'm In Love

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  • unclebruce

    I am still in love with Jesus Christ.
    He is my man.

    Never could get into loving dead people ..big boobs or not and I certainly don't want to marry any of my lovely sisters - how did you find out about that?!

    I see you just love everybody think - that's wonderful (you must have a huge aura

  • Think


    I love everybody, this is true. And I love you too, man, this is true , too. You are my brother, and This is what counts. Let's forget about the missunderstanding. I hope, that some day, when I will visit Kangorro country, Astrralia you will invite me to your picknick, and party, and we will hug each other, and drink beer, and have fun, and fu*** some single sisters..... , and dance naked, and have a good time....... man.. because brotherhood, that is what is all about, and the rest dont count, right ?

    I love you, man !

  • unclebruce

    Think you're a total crackpot crackup!

    I've never seen anyone post the way you do - or give off as much pure unadulterated joy.

    ..been a privelige meeting ya man! LOL

    If ever you're down under look up me ok?

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    So UncleBruce you are in love with Think, a male exJW from Italy, with a boobie fetish eh? LOL

    You need to get out more, and start dating real women, and not spending so much time on JWD.

  • unclebruce
    So UncleBruce you are in love with Think, a male exJW from Italy, with a boobie fetish eh? LOL

    You're way late late on that enigma one (i "fell in love" for half an hour 3 days ago with a beautiful spanish woman, not the man you speak of) do try and keep up with the new light before making an ass of yourself son As for too much time here - sheesh I just had a year off ..besides I'm in town and there's nuth'n on the tube tonight.

  • valkyrie

    Don't berate yourself, UncB - a few passionate words in a liquid tongue can penetrate even the most discriminating of emotional barriers. Or, poetically phrased:

    "You Called me Corazón

    That was enough
    for me to forgive you.
    To spirit a tiger
    from its cell.

    Called me corazón
    in that instant before
    I let go the phone
    back to its cradle.

    Your voice small.
    Heat of your eyes,
    how I would've placed
    my mouth on each.

    Said corazón
    and the word blazed
    like a branch of jacaranda."

    -Sandra Cisneros

  • FreedomFrog

    Ooops...wrong thread

  • misanthropic

    :: Think you're a total crackpot crackup!


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