What was the biggest scandal that went down in your cong?

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  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Here's a good one I forgot about.

    A young couple is engaged to be married. The girl is a pioneer. Out in the ministry she comes across a man who starts to "study" the Bible. He begins to progress, come to meetings, give comments all kinds of stuff. As you may have guessed it, there was more than just Bible study going on. She kept this up for a while, but eventually was found out. As strange as it seems, she does not get df'ed for this, instead gets reproof (i can't remember if it was public or private, but I really think it was private because of what happened next) Of course, she is not longer engaged at this point. Well, her ex can't get over what happened and starts to spread the word on what she has done, gets called up for slander and what do you know gets de'fd! The story dosn't end here. A few years later I started to hear some rumors about these people again. It turns out that while he was df'ed they both started talking again and fell back in love (of course, wasn't she not suppose to talk to him?). Anyway, he finally gets reinstated and they get married like a month later. Never did hear what happened to that "bible study"

  • target

    There was a Pioneer sister, who had pioneered for years, her husband had stopped going to meetings. Their daughter was getting married. Nice wedding. The day after the wedding, with daughter and new hubby off on the honeymoon, the Pioneer sister runs off with an apostate guy she had been seeing secretly. What a shock for the daughter when she returned!


  • Gregor

    Well respected elder with wife and teenage daughters. Wife gets DF'd. Elders daughters find him drunk one night. They strip off and have sex with him. Not only was he not DF'd, he was pointed out as a good example!

    His name was Lot.

  • Chia

    Ooh...that's a good one.

    I know of a pioneer and publisher (2 women) rolling around in the mud fighting at a congregation picnic.

    Nothing at all happened to the pioneer. That's some example, huh?

  • Buster

    Its odd that this can seem so 'run of the mill'. Anyway:

    1. Infant dies of lack of needed health care (blood issue)

    2. MS turned in by recently married daughter. She needed to keep him from her newborn twins. He had been schtupping her thru her teens. (MS and his his wife were the most pious, self-righteous people in the hall)

    3. Elder leaves his wife and runs off with his best-friend's wife (she having 5 children still in school). Both couples get divorced, elder and mommy get married. All keep going to the same hall.

    4. Daughter of a friend of mine gets molested, molester get reported to the elders, nothing gets done. My pal Joey takes the bold step: He went to another hall.

    Goddam Peyton Place, ain't it?

  • loosie

    One MS who was always planning things for the young brothers to do together. He was very interested in the young ones...too interested.

    Took a group of boys out camping. He spiked their drinks with alcohol and proceeded to fondle them while they were asleep. Well he got caught. One of the boys who was more "worldly" than the rest didn't pass out as hard because of the alcohol. He had a little tolerance built up that the others didn't. Woke up and saw the MS fondling the boys.

    No more camping trips for my congo.

  • slugga

    Nearly forgot this one even though I mentioned in in passing on another thread.

    I was in a split congregation, the son of the PO of the other half stuck his finger somewhere he shouldn't have. He probably would have gotten away with it but for the fact the sister involved was the daughter of another PO from a local congregation.

    Action (and revenge) was obviously called for and the Elders in my hall made a point of gathering all all of us youths that knew him and associated with him together at the hall one Sunday afternoon. We had to sit there like school kids as we were called in one by one to the library to be interrogated by a group of elders, including the slime balls dad. We were asked individually what this brother had been up to, how he'd behaved in front of us and how he treated sisters. The Elders involved seemed to take joy in exposing the PO's sons sleazy behaviour.

    The son was widely disliked and regarded as a materialistic slime ball by us lot so I don't think anyone did him any favours and we were all laughing at his misfortune later on in the pub.

    He ended up getting a public reproval and was stripped of his MS status and had his privileges removed. Daddy PO had to stand down and return to his publisher status.

  • rebel8

    A few ppl read Ray Franz's book and became "apostates". That was a big scandal.

    There was a mass DFing one night of almost all the teens in the cong. Or I should say, DAing, which was used at the time to designate an unbaptized person as shunned. Then there was a big talk about drugs and sex and how "young people" are just walking recepticles of sin, about to "fornicate" or use drugs the first split moment they are not in full view of an adult. There was a series of talks. Sad for the elders who had to give the talks, it was their own kids they were talking about. It must have been humiliating.

    The grapevine said that all of them had tried drugs together, most had sex, 2 were pregnant, 1 had an abortion, and there was "apostacy" too. Most of them have returned to the borg now. Total wierdness followed. My hand was shaked repeatedly for "not engaging in wickedness". In reality the only reason I wasn't involved is because I wasn't popular enough to be included, being the kid of an "unbeliever". Although I had no desire to do most of what they were (allegedly) doing, I woulda been the leader of the apostates, LOL.

    There was also a triple murder-suicide. A bro killed his 2 little kids and wife, then tried to set himself afire at a local gas station. Someone hinted he was having mental health problems.

    There was a high profile blood issue too. The court forced transfusion but the baby died anyway (due to unrelated problems).

  • kool aid man
    kool aid man

    A young married ministerial servant set up video cameras in his home to film sisters in his bathroom,young and old. Since a book study was in his home, he had quite a collection of films, which we heard may have even been sold. Another brother told the elders and they did disfellowship this "holy spirit appointed" video voyeur, and the elders encouraged him to go to another cong. None of the rank and file were told what happened, but it did get around. We know one sister who visited us who literally collapsed on the floor when she found out what he did as she used to house sit for him and his wife. One elder actually pinned him up against the wall in the Kingdom Hall and threatened to kill him, until another elder pulled him away! Not long after, we found out he moved, with his wife and baby, a thousand miles away. He now lives in Tennessee, far away from where this scandal took place. In other words--he was run out of Dodge!

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