What was the biggest scandal that went down in your cong?

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  • jambon1

    As it says on the tin - thoughts please?..........

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Well up until the time I left

    Me leaving my elder husband and getting DFed.

    After my leaving

    his second wife leaving him and getting DFed

  • Honesty

    Hmmmm.... Let's see, I think it may have been when a lot of da brothers received the UN letter and the WT version of the UN/WT relationship at their homes. Or, maybe it was when a lot of the brothers received the Jan. 6 letter from the WT that was read to all congregations. BTW, these brothers all received it a week before it was read aloud. Not much hanky panky brought to the light while I was in the WT Lie at my hall. However, at another hall one of the elders and a younger single widowed sister of an elder who had died a few years earlier spent 3 days together in a motel by the Great Smoky MT. National Park. It was quite the talk around the circuit. Especially when they were DF'd then got married and now are back in good standing in the WT Lie. I don't think his ex wife is too happy about the relationship.

  • pratt1

    those of you that live in the NY area may remember this - It happened in my mom's congo.

    A young married couple was robbed at gunpoint in Brooklyn and the husband a MS was killed by the robber. The robber was not apprehended and the crime when unsolved for a few years.

    The wife recieved a significant amount of insurance money, I think about $100K and quickly remarried.

    After a few years the new husband confessed to being the robber and turned "state evidence" on the wife, who masterminded the entire crime.

    She was sentence to many years in jail and left the son of the MS without both parents.

    Oh, and the wife was a full time pioneer.

  • Bryan

    During sunday meeting Elder goes to Servant's home to take Servant's wife and run off. Servant cuts off wife's long hair, then servant meets Elder outside trailer house and fist fight insues. Elder hits ground leaving knee and palm print in wet ground (I saw them later). Then Elder runs off with Servant's, short haired, soon to be ex, wife.

    Wife and servant had a 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter. Elder had an early teen daughter and a beautiful wife.

    Witnesses do have better morals that the "world"... it's obvious!


  • unclebruce

    Geezus Pratt - I might have to re-think my prefered choice of woman .. them NY girls sound dangerous

  • Dune

    In the congregation i was in before i moved. There was a married elder who had a child with another witness sister. She had an unbelieving mate and everyone assumed that it was his, however, when the child was 3 or so, the sister confessed and the elder nonchalantly dissasociated himself.

  • Dismembered

    Some years ago, while heavily involved in the Quickbuild Kingdom Hall thing, I happened to stay at a retired Circuit Overseers home for the night. We got to chatting about his days in the ministry. His territory as a CO was the state of Maine. He told me of the difficulty that the Jdubs had going door to door in the great state of Maine for years. I asked him why. Here's his story as best I can recall.

    Years ago (1930's I think he said) there was some guy pioneering and doing the usual bugging people at there homes, univited thing. So this "pioneer" stops off to see a blacksmith who was working there in his blacksmithing shop. Once the blacksmith guy realized who and what the pioneer was there for, he (The Blacksmith) got really indignant and told him to leave or that he'd club him to death. Yes he threatened this poor "brother". Here what happened. The "pioneer" went to his car, open the glove box got out a pistol, went back in the Blacksmith shop, SHOT & KILLED the guy. Needless to say his pioneering days were over. He died in jail. Needless to say it was eons before the dubs had much success at the doors in Maine

    Now that's what I call a scandal


  • HockeyMullet

    Uppity presiding overseer's son goes off to bethel and gets DF'd out there. What's really funny is, I remember being in a car group with the PO and his wife and hearing them boldly claim that their children will never do anything to be DF'd and they will never get caught up with the opposite sex because the end is so near and they were raised so well. The poor kid was practically born and raised in a bubble!

  • slugga

    Ok this is going to be long winded...

    Wasn't in my congregation but it happened to a brother in the other half (Split Congregation)

    He married a sister from South London, she was about 19 and living at home, she had a younger sister of 14 / 15 and an even younger one that was around 12.

    The youngest daughter went to her teacher and told that her dad had started touching her inappropriately. Social services and the police were called in. They interviewed the middle sister and found out that the father had been having sex with her since Pete started seeing the oldest daughter. The middle daughter objected though and had said NO so the father had started to prey on the youngest. It turned out that the father had also been having sex with the eldest daughter and that this had been going on for years. When she started seeing Pete he left her alone and moved on to the Middle daughter. From what I heard from Pete's mum, the girls mother knew what was going on but said nothing. The news got out and around the congregation. By this time Pete was married and had moved to South London and was attending the same Hall

    The father ended up going to prison before the Elders could get to him so he wasn't disfellowshipped.

    He did his time and was released on bail with the condition that he stay away from his family home and daughters. This upset them all, daughters, wife and the father. Despite what he had done to them the girls still loved him and were missing him.

    One Sunday morning when the whole family were at the hall who should walk in bold as brass but the father. The daughters and wife rushed up to him, cuddling him and kissing him like nothing had happened. Pete just stood their fuming at the reaction the man who had sexually assaulted and raped his wife while she was a child was getting.

    He stormed up to the Father and attacked him before some brothers pulled him off.

    The big scandal wasn't about that dis-functional family, it was about Pete. Pete ended up before a JC for attacking a "brother" There was no way he could say he felt sorry for attacking such a slime ball and under such circumstances and so Pete was DF'd

    When news of his Df got back to our joint congregation there was a lot of huffing and buffing about how unjust this other congregation was and about the favoritism towards the father. Nothing happened though, Pete stayed Df'd and never went back and that whole experience started my resentment towards the elder arrangement.


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