What was the biggest scandal that went down in your cong?

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  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Here some differant stories I know about:

    -Teenage kid comes home to find his Elder dad in bed with a young teenage girl from the hall.
    another story:
    -Elder leaves wife for another brothers wife. Both are df'ed, but are later reinstated. The other brother never gets over loosing his wife, is eventually is df'ed.
    how about another:
    -An entire ring of insurance fraud in the area. Supposedly there was a brother who was selling health insurance to alot of other JW's. Then entire business was pratically run by JW's. The company stopped paying bills supposedly under thier coverage. They eventually went bankrupt, sticking many JW's with medial bills they had to pay out of their own pocket.
    and another
    -Another Elder uses his shady business practices to overcharge for a service, sometimes charging tens of thousands of dollars about what he should. He almost got busted when he ripped off some witnesses, but is still at it.

    I want to put out more, but don't want to be revealing to my location and such. Mabye another time.

  • unclebruce

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  • NYCkid

    Can't beat Dismembered's story or the story in NY (I remember reading about it in the NY Times) but I have the usual adultery stories:

    My former congregation in Montana had an incident involving two witness couples that were good friends. The husband of couple A ran off with the wife of couple B for two months if I recall. Then the husband from couple A returned to his wife A and wife B returned to her husband B, both spouses forgave their adulterous partner and they both were reinstated. Later, couple B divorced and husband B remarried and is happily serving the congregation with his new wife who he converted. Wife B eventually left the organization permanently. Couple A also eventually left the congregation and my mother commented a few years ago that <gasp> a Christmas tree was spotted in their trailer house window.

    A similar incident occurred in my former congregation in New Jersey. Couple A, couple B and couple C were the best of friends. I was good friends with all couples and often baby-sat or house sat for them. The wife of couple A (who happened to be the Po's sister) left her husband and ran off with the husband of couple B and they were promptly disfellowshipped. The wife of couple C up and left her husband for her (non-JW) boss and was promptly disfellowshipped. I was disfellowshippped shortly thereafter during a rash of many other disfellowshippings (it felt cool, like I was part of a dissenting group or something). Anyway the last I heard the innocent partners of couple A and B eventually hooked up and got married...(sort of like a wife swapping thing)..don't know whatever came of couple C although I know ex-wife C was trying to get reinstated (we drove together a couple of times to assemblies while we were df'd which no doubt created more gossip although we were just friends). It was damn sad though since kids were involved and they were all very cool people, hope they all eventually left permanently, they're too cool to be JWs.



  • Mary
    After a few years the new husband confessed to being the robber and turned "state evidence" on the wife, who masterminded the entire crime. She was sentence to many years in jail and left the son of the MS without both parents. Oh, and the wife was a full time pioneer.

    Pratt wins hands down........unbelievable!! How the hell do these people go to the Hall, pioneer, give talks and pretend to be such good little Christians??! If they really believe this is "the Truth", how in god's name to they justify their behaviour??

    Worst thing that happened in my area was when our Circuit Overseer, who was in his mid-50s, left his wife of 30 + years and took off with a Regular Pioneer who was 23 years old at the time.

  • Virgochik

    At our Hall was an obnoxious elder who one day decided to order new wal to wall carpeting for the Kinkdum Hall. He forgot to have a vote on it at the Service Bleeting. The carpet was delivered and put in storage. On the night Brother Sweatingbullets read the resolution, to order new carpet, his forehead was all beads of sweat. The other elders were pissed at him because he and his wife had even selected the color and pile THEY liked best without putting it up for congregation vote. Well, he got a "yes" vote to order carpet, which he had already purchased, and nobody questioned how it arrived so fast! As to the color, well, it was on sale and was the best deal to be found. Jeez, the sleeze!

  • sinis

    "Brother" A in cong. brings an unbeliever in and marries her immediatly. They get divorced. He(A) then marries another "sister" only to cheat on her with his fleshly brothers(B) wife. The innocent brother(fleshly B) finds out and holds him(A) at gun point threatning to blow him into gods kingdom before sheriff shows up and arrests him(B). While this is going on brother(A) wife is having an affair with brother(C) so that she can get back at her husband(A). Well brother(C) wife is the sweetest thing on the earth and literally could not take the emotional pain and had a heartattack (she was young) and died. Well brother(C) and the wife of brother(A) get married and are doing good in the cong. Brother(B) went nuts and left the truth. Brother(B) is doing good in the truth eventhough he stole his fleshly brothers wife. Whole thing is bizzare.

  • proandcon

    Very self righteous pioneer elder (50ish) who was also the service overseer got caught in a very "compromising position" with a newly baptized woman (20 something) in a state park parking area...they were out in "service"...guess they needed some "relief"...interesting thing about it though is that they were "discovered" by his son in law and daughter...who just happened to go to this very park on this day (???) to do some light hiking...saw his FIL's car and ventured over ...the rest is history...9 mos later...a new future publisher was born to the world...he was bounced as an elder and df'd...she only given public reproof (must've been more repentant)

    This event filled the gossip and rumor mill for well over a year...plus it happenned right near WT Farms "bethel"

  • caligirl

    An elder who studied with an 18 year old girl, had an affair, got DF'd, divorced and married the girl he "studied" with. He did get reinstated, but they are both out now, and divorced.

  • tweety

    This isn't real big, but in my old congo...there was so many couples cheating on one another and leaving them for other people inside the congregations.

    From what gossip I hear now...it is still going on. It isn't a big shock any more when you hear who left who.


  • slugga

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