Help me interpret this dream...

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  • serendipity

    Why do u ask, ballistic?

    I'm a little disturbed that subconsciously I may be associating Adolph Hitler with my mother or father, based on your interpretation. I'll have to think on that a bit.

    I was trying out an alternate interpretation with Bush, Blair and OBL. Less personal that way.

  • ballistic

    ok, I've taken away the interpretation, it's proabbly not fair over the internet, although I will say Adolf Hitler did not feature in my interpretation, only what he represented in your mind.

  • serendipity

    Hi Dave,

    It's not recurring. I don't think Hitler has ever appeared in any of my dreams. I don't often recall my dreams and when I do, I usually figure things out pretty quickly and any symbolism is pretty obvious.

    Unfortunately, I don't share dreams with my JW associates because dream interpretation is frowned on. I only have one worldly friend at work and I wouldn't share this with her. Don't want her to think I'm weird.

  • serendipity

    Ballistic, you're a sensitive sweetie. I think there may be something to the interpretation that you had posted. My parents were pretty sadistic and I don't understand why.

  • serendipity
    Where is Daniel when you need him?

    LOL @ Z...

    Or Fred Franz, thinking about some of his Revelation intepretations. Can anyone here channel Fred?

  • ferret

    Maybe just too much television and movies.

  • ballistic

    One thing to leave you with, I was not interested in interpreting Adolf Hitler as *another person*, in fact I didn't even mention the name Adolf Hitler in the interpretation. How much of your life is filled with images of Adolf Hitler? Not very much I guess? You rarely even hear the name these days. It was an important aspect of your dream but not because of the person himself or even necessarily a person at all but what it represents to you personally.

  • hubert

    I think the dream is trying to tell you.....

    Lay off the pepperoni pizza before bed !


  • sass_my_frass

    Even when a dream REALLY freaks me out, I don't think it means anything.

  • Brigid

    I don't know but I read "gay" and "hide back in the closet".....hmmmmm

    Seriously. I don't know exactly what it means but here's some input to perhaps help you.

    Hitler: Jung described what he called a "shadow" self (that darker side of our psyche). We often "mask" this part of ourselves in dreams and "they" show up as scary, or known evil individuals or archetypes (your Hitler could've easily been a vampire or anyone/thing that you deem "evil"). Whatever it is, it usually scares you or others in your dream. It's a part of yourself you're not ready to face. You will not be able to kill this shadow forever or have someone else kill it or even hide in the closet from it. You can only acknowledge and integrate it into your whole being.

    Homosexuality: What gave you the idea that the guys were gay. Did you just inuit that? Or was there simply some sexual "feeling" that was being manifested in the dream.

    Bathtub: Possibly the most fascinating (to me) aspect of the dream. I immediately thought of the "Judgement" card in Tarot. Was the water dirty? This is what it would mean if it were my dream--you must decide. Rebirth or purification. Probably rebirth. This Hitler character rises up out of this bathtub--a resurrection/rebirth, imo.

    Is there something in your something about yourself or your life that you're trying to give birth to?

    Maybe this will help. ~Brigid

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