Help me interpret this dream...

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  • FreedomFrog

    Ok, from a prospective point of view from a Shaman's's my thoughts.

    Dreams are a way for us to learn from. To sort things out. The more colorful and detailed, the more they may have messages in them. I'm a firm believer that symbols, colors and feelings are trying to teach us something. Normally from our spiritual guides or power animal spirits. Now, it's up to the dreamer to find out what needs to be learned.

    For example: For weeks now, my dreams start out with dancing with a green faery. One with silky soft beige wings. Then it progresses up going inside a tree and I float up (within the tree) as high as it goes to the last branch. There I meet a big crow and I climb on his back and then explore. After these dreams, I'll go and meditate. Normally the dream becomes clear to me and what the message is. For me, my dream was telling me I need to become more grounded, or connected to Mother Earth. Feelings of longing to lay in the grass and soaking up the sun has been becoming overwhelming now.

    My advice is try to meditate. Also, I'd record this dream. Record as much of details you can remember. Smells, feelings, color and such. Sometimes when you go back a week later, the "message" becomes more clearer.

    Anyway, that's my opinion.

  • Brigid

    <<There is something else that I'll mention later.>>

    Mention, mention, darling! I'm dying of curiosity. If you're game, I'll share what the imagery of the Judgement card means (that came to my mind when I read your description of the bathtub).

    Are you a pisces?

    ~ Brigid

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