I was shunned today in the post office.

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  • IronClaw

    Consider it an honor to have been shunned.

  • outoftheorg

    I am passed ever feeling shock or sadness, I am closer to laughing, which I have done when I was shunned by the more self righteous holier than thou in this town and there are a few.

    But this guy's history and marriage etc just makes me feel sad and sorry for HIM.

    One of the jw's an elder, will go out of his way to say HI Donna to my wife and ignore me.

    For him I always laugh loudly and say "hey its brother holier than thou" loud enough for patrons sitting close to hear it an know what it means.

    I even walked up to his table once and took his hand and shook it and asked how he is doing since his trip to the hospital.

    Actually scared the crap out of the young guy sitting across the table.


  • Chimene
    I think we all ought to have T-shirts that read "Aposta-Bubba" or "Aposta-Babe"....according to gender.....then just dare 'em to look ya in the eye.

    That sounds wonderful!!!!

    I was shunned today to, at work, and at the grocery store. While the JW biznatch told my daughter to come visit at the KH soon, whatEVER!!!! Yeah! that'l happen, NOT!

  • Mulan

    same thing happened to me at the post office a few months ago. There was a long line, and in the line were two women from the local congregation, one of whom had been a very close friend. I was shunned big time, but I acted like I didn't know them. They kept looking my way, but I never gave them a glance. Felt good.

  • jonsey

    T-shirts...that would be awesome!!!

    on the back

    literature at convention $40.00

    hogie meal 20 tickets

    Your first Apostafest = Priceless

  • magoo

    ......................... you know, it's like they think that if they even look at you or heaven forbid, crack a smile................it's instant "piller of salt"


  • Rhyannon

    I had figured I was so over the shunning, but I was at the grocery store the other day and my sister n law walked by me as if I didn't exist. Considering they didn't even acknowledge the birth of my son 7 years ago I should not have been surprised, but it really got my goat this time. I am over it now tho, So I say "whatever".

  • West70

    JWs can shun you ONLY IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO.

    The shunning will bother you ONLY IF YOU ALLOW IT TO.

    First, there are some "JW shunners" who you barely knew previously, never liked anyway, or for whatever other reason, -- you could care less if they ignore you, or as one poster states: You would sue them if they did NOT shun you. The following doesn't apply to these JWs.

    However, for relatives, neighbors, old friends, or even for those mentioned above who make a "production" out of their shunning, I HAVE DONE AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO THE FOLLOWING:

    If in a public place, I go right up to them and start talking. I don't ALLOW THEM to shun me. So far, it has never failed. I guess such a JW might run off - but it has never happened - and if they did, they would look and feel like an idiot.

    Years ago, I yelled at a MS who walked by me without speaking in a public building. I made him turn around and walk back to talk to me.

    In parking lots, I have walked in front of their car and made them stop to talk to me.

    I go to relatives houses and visit.

    I do other similar things which NEVER GIVES THE JW THE CHANCE OR OPTION TO SHUN.

  • slugga
    Hey, look at it this way: they get to feel superior cos they do shun and we get to feel superior cos we don't shun.

    Did anyone ever feel superior Shunning someone?

    I never did, I always felt like a little sh*t when ever I had to do it. I can well understand dubs that cross the road to avoid a df'd person, it avoids the shame of shunning someone.

  • jwfacts

    It is such a shocking feeling. I got semi shunned this week. An active and an inactive sister who has not gone to meetings for years were sitting in my wifes cafe' when i popped in for lunch. I went and sat next to them. The active sister said "I knew you would sit next to us" She sat for a minute or so and then got up and went and talked to my wife. What got to me is the inactive sister got into me, saying I am an apostate and will die at armageddon. If that is true then so will she.

    I have a new favourite brand of clothes that I am enjoying wearing. It is called CULT. I have some shorts and it has cult in large letters on the back and a cool looking cross for a logo.

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