What's the dubs' most ridiculous teaching?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    That God would not only use, but select on the basis of quality feeding programs, an organization to represent Him in all the earth. Qualified to do so on the basis of what?

    • Having never gotten a single prophetic understanding correct yet.
    • Having created a hostile environment for any who wish to think.
    • Having misrepresented the Savior and His Mediatorship and His Ransom and His Kingdom and His Resurrection.......
    • Having drawn attention to themselves as the fullfillment of most of Revelation, and Daniel and Jeremiah and .......
    • Having condemned all others as evil and unworthy because they won't sell Watchtowers door to door like Jesus told them
    • Because they look forward to the slaughter of 6 Billion people so they can live forever
    • Because they alone know how to love one another by destroying families and disfellowshipping victims of pedophilia


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Re; Ships of Kittim found this reference in the Watchtower

    In previous conflicts between the two kings, the Roman Empire, as king of the north, had consistently been victorious. This time, ‘things were not the same as at the first.’ Why not? Because the king of the north lost the war. One reason was that "the ships of Kittim" came against the king of the north. (Daniel 11:30) What were these ships? In Daniel’s time, Kittim was Cyprus, and early in the first world war, Cyprus was annexed by Britain. Moreover, according to The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, the name Kittim "is extended to include the W[est] in general, but esp[ecially] the seafaring W[est]." The New International Version renders the expression "ships of Kittim" as "ships of the western coastlands." In the first world war, the ships of Kittim proved to be the ships of Britain, lying off the western coast of Europe. Later the British Navy was strengthened by ships from the western continent of North America. 11-1-93 Watchtower page 14

    Is this the explanation to which you refer, Oz.?


  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Jehovah is'nt the father

    He's the grandfather

    [Attempting to explain Isa 9:6]

  • Virgochik

    Lol, lol@ UncleBruce!

  • Leolaia

    Two words:

    Leviathan = locomotive

  • luna2

    I'm laughing so hard, I'm tearing up. I really shouldn't look at this stuff at work. Funny, funny stuff!

    Those two guys from the Governing Body that were sent to Prison around 1916? 1918? There's half a chapter of the book of Revelation that apartently prophesied this occurring.
    ballistic, even at my most ardently dubby, I had to take a time out over this. I sat in there on my hard folding chair at the bookstudy and kind of studied my fellow dubbies to see if I could tell if anyone else thought this was a bit much. It was impossible to tell as all the adults faces looked even blanker than the sleeping babies.
  • Mary

    Leolaia said: Two words: Leviathan = locomotive
    LOL! Was it supposed to be Amtrack or The Orient Express?

  • Mary

    They claim that the mountain referred to in Revelation 8:8 that was "burning with fire was hurled into the sea. And a third of the sea became blood; and a third of the creatures that are in the sea which have souls died, and a third of the boats were wrecked" represents " how, during and after the first world war, the question of government became a burning issue among mankind."

    How lame can you get?

  • ozziepost

    Mary and unc:

    Since you missed the book study, we'll tell you what you missed!


  • ozziepost

    Just an aside:

    the locusts with horse's heads & serpent's tails represented the "stinging message" of JW literature left in people's homes

    If this is a "plague of locusts", how come we never see them?

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