What's the dubs' most ridiculous teaching?

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  • purplesofa

    I find that the way they teach is ridiculous........no discussion.....no outside research.

    someone asks a question......a few people answer.............Move on......

    After baptism.........all questions from R&F are not OK.

  • silentWatcher

    Elsewhere, you win.

    I usually roll out my favs: Miricle Wheat, Jehovah is an astronaut from the Pleiades, Aluminum is evil, pyramidology.

    But, all mine were eventually recanted. Have they ever recanted the "gravity is a myth" doctrine yet?

  • Think

    SoapbubbleTower: " We are the Prophet, but only in a sense as a Prophet, not like normal Prophet, but we have Holy Spirit, and we are annoyying, but we are humans also and we make mistakes, but we are the only one to understand the bible, and we are the choosen one, only we have the new light, because is bether than the old light, we have the best policy in the world to protect the children, they are very, very safe with us, we guarrantee that, bu we may sometimes rape and abuse them, but this is to blame to the overzealous brothers, who don't want listen to the 2 witness policy and go to police to complain on Elders, who been appointed by holy spirit, and brothers watch to much TV about Waco and David Koresh, but we are not a cult, we brainwash 5 times a week, but this is holy braiwashing, so it is different from Dawid Koresh braiwashing, because we have god approwal, because Christ did come in 1798, I mean, 1914, but can be visible, I mean invisible only by us, because we are the holy bride from revelation, and everybody knows that, that is why we are persecuted, because, we swap wifes only sometimes, not all the time, and we like money, but we have Religious Order to be poor, and we are poor, because the 950 trillion is not ours but belong to all brothers, also the bilbe dont belong to people but to us as a proper bride to give proper food what is poisonus sometimes, but we are only humans.. but he have spirit......... ................ "

  • mkr32208
    That going to college makes you catch promiscuity and alcoholism.

    I always thought that was what bethel was for?!

  • Poztate
    So: What's the dubs' most ridiculous teaching?

    I'll start.

    • The ships of kittim.

    ~ OH Nuts...I haven't kept up with new light. PLEASE post the article and save me the pain of having to look it up...POZ

  • stillajwexelder

    *** dp chap. 15 pp. 262-264 The Rival Kings Enter the 20th Century ***


    "Despite the size and strength of the Allies," says The World Book Encyclopedia, "Germany seemed close to winning the war." In previous conflicts between the two kings, the Roman Empire, as king of the north, had consistently been victorious. But this time, ‘things were not the same as at the first.’ The king of the north lost the war. Giving the reason for this, the angel said: "There will certainly come against him the ships of Kittim, and he will have to become dejected." (Daniel 11:30a) What were "the ships of Kittim"?


    In Daniel’s time Kittim was Cyprus. Early in the first world war, Cyprus was annexed by Britain. Moreover, according to The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, the name Kittim "is extended to include the W[est] in general, but esp[ecially] the seafaring W[est]." The New International Version renders the expression "ships of Kittim" as "ships of the western coastlands." During the first world war, the ships of Kittim proved to be mainly the ships of Britain, lying off the western coast of Europe.


    As the war dragged on, the British Navy was strengthened by more ships of Kittim. On May 7, 1915, the German submarine U-20 sank the civilian liner Lusitania off the southern coast of Ireland. Among the dead were 128 Americans. Later, Germany extended submarine warfare into the Atlantic. Subsequently, on April 6, 1917, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany. Augmented by U.S. warships and troops, the king of the south—now the Anglo-American World Power—was fully at war with its rival king.


    Under assault by the Anglo-American World Power, the king of the north became "dejected" and conceded defeat in November 1918. Wilhelm II fled into exile in the Netherlands, and Germany became a republic. But the king of the north was not yet finished.

  • ozziepost

    Thanks, Stilla!

    It's a hoot ain't it!

    That really is the most deranged piece of crap imaginable!

    To think that around the world, in all congregations, there are millions of families struggling to get their kids ready and attending the book study to hear that piece of crap - or should I say "spiritual husks"?

    What was that scripture that speaks of them preferring the husks of the word instead of the real food?

  • MinisterAmos

    That school janitors and carpet cleaners (Elders) are somehow automatically qualified to dispense psychological counseling.

  • Undecided

    The GB being directed by holy spirit but not inspired by it. I guess it's like someone telling you where to go but not driving you there.(Just made that up, never heard it expressed that way before. Hope they don't read it, it will be in the WT.)

    Ken P.

  • diamondblue1974
    I mean - what were these guys smoking

    Probably the same old sh*t that John in Revelation was?!

    He was on one hellova trip!


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