Marriage or Living together

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  • misanthropic

    :: How many of you lived with your spouse before you got married

    I did with my current husband. Same thing happened to me as Chimene, with my first husband when I was just a teenager. It's hard to know who someone really is if you aren't around them all the time. Sometimes people put up a front or act different than they really are. So when I went into my relationship with the guy I am with now, I just had him move in with me. So far there has been no real "surprises" which is good.

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    i've lived with matt for a little over a year now. i didn't mean to stay for this long at first. my mom had kicked me out when she found out i was seeing him and being the kind person he is, he let me come over that night. we talked about my situation the next morning and he agreed to help me find my own place and that i could stay with him for however long that took. we spent about 2 months looking at houses and apartments. one night we were laying in bed and he told me, ''you know, it'll be really weird sleeping by myself when you leave.'' i said yeah it will be weird for me too. then he asked me if i would mind staying. being the weirdo i am i asked, ''for how long?'' he said, ''forever you goober! i'm asking you to live with me.'' i said oh..ok then

    we're perfectly happy right now. we split the bills, groceries, housecleaning and what not. and we've both agreed to get married when i turn 25....don't ask me just seems like a good number. not too old and not too young.

    all of his friends lived together before they got married, and i swear, they are all happier than any jdub couple i've known that got married first. maybe there is something to it, maybe there isn't. all i know is that it's working for us so far.

    luv, jojo

  • Gretchen956

    Since marriage is not an option my partner and I have lived together very happily for the last five years.


  • kid-A

    Not sure if living together before marriage makes a huge difference. Statistically, people who lived together prior to marriage have no less chance of divorce then those who didnt.

    However, I think its important to take each other for a "test drive" under the sheets before getting married. Sexual compatibility is extremely important and really great sex can compensate for alot of personality conflicts.

  • Es

    Yeah i think it does. Being a JW the first time i was married of course we never lived together and so we only found out we were not compatiable after we were married by then it was toooo late, thankfully we both had the guts to leave each other.

    I lived with mike before we were married and it helped us a lot. We got the first worst year over and done with before we were married so now we are happy and coasting along


  • damselfly

    I lived with my first husband for 3 years before getting married. I should have know by then that it wouldn't work out but I was young and stupid.

    I would live together first before getting married again ( like that's gonna happen ) You get to know the other persons true colors very quickly that way.


  • M.J.

    woah, lotsa liberals here! But that's your thing...

    I didn't. I was just raised with the mindset against it. Yes, I was raised a Christian.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I have just moved in with dedpoet, and we are both so happy about it. The catalyst for that was me spending so much time with him whilst posting here, so I guess the board got us together. As for whether we will marry or not, we haven't really thought about that yet, for now we are just enjoying being together.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    I lived with my wife for about a year before we got married. We've been married now for going on seven years this April. We've been together as a couple for ten years +/-.

  • DigitalFokus

    I think you have to live with a person to really get to know them too. to see if your really compatiable. I ahve never been married but will some day **hopefully** and i will damn sure live together before we tie the knot. It just make more sense on so many levels.

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