The warnings were TRUE

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  • unique1

    You know all the warnings that were on here about elders on a witch hunt searching for active JW's blogs and using them against them? Well the elders didn't search but an old aquaintenance did. She was disfellowshipped for her blogs concerning all the casual sex she was having. She found my site and printed my blogs dissing the religion and gave them to the elders. LOVELY, JUST LOVELY!!! Well it is forcing everything to come to a head and be done and over with so I guess that is a good thing. On the other hand, the elders went to my parents instead of to me, a grown adult, and my parents read all the mean things I had to say about them and their religion and were very hurt. It made me feel really bad. Now I feel I have no freedom of expression. IT SUCKS!!! Just be careful if you have a myspace blog and don't want to get caught. Hint: If you blog, make it viewable to a privaleged list, not public. This will keep just anybody from reading them.

  • pratt1

    What a low thing to do?

    I just goes to show that some of us even though we a out of the "truth" we still seek the approval for the elders or our loved ones.

    You have the right attitude, view it as a "blessing in disguise."

  • ballistic
    She was disfellowshipped for her blogs concerning all the casual sex she was having.

    Did it have her phone number on there?

  • greendawn

    Why did she cooperate with the elders being a disfellowshipped person? But that was very mean of the elders to show all that to your parents.

  • unique1

    I guess she thought by turning others in she would get on the elders good side and they would let her back in. Her ENTIRE family extended and all is in the Truth and she still lives at home.

    I am very disappointed in how the Elders responded by dragging my parents into it. I am 29, it is none of their business. But that is the organization for you. Tons of drama.

  • joelbear

    there is no excuse for violations of privacy.

  • sinis

    Yes, if I were you I would pursue a lawsuit based on libel. You need to talk with an attorney. Perhaps a cease and desist letter to them.

  • sinis

    What you really need to do is have a disclaimer at the bottom that the info presented may NOT be printed without expressed auth from you.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    I was a witness for 26 years...we are trained to be's an important part of the borg....and being a witness...that's one reason I'll never go back...

  • Sheri

    That is so sick that JW's in trouble will turn others in to save their own skin.

    I know of a JW who is in their 80's and was DF'd because someone else what in trouble now (an adult) confessed of something 25 yrs ago involving this JW and because the JW did not go to the elders 25 yrs ago they were DF'd.

    Never mind the person went to Jehovah directly and repented, never mind they lead a "JW good life" ever since but because one could not except responsibility for their present problems they had to make points by confessing more thus an elderly, sick JW is DF'd.

    Oh let that Love flow!



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