What Role Does JWD Play in Your Social Life?

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  • slugga
    JWD doesn't seem to have caught on in NZ

    Thats because sheep have a real tough time typing with those sheep feet.


  • KW13

    Sometimes your on your own in trying to understand the JW organization and trying to get someone you love out of it...if it wasn't for these people here **YES ALL OF YOU** i'd have no motive, no bullets to fire and i'd of given up!

    Thanks folks

  • lisavegas420

    I love coming here and catching up on the day's posts. It makes me feel more normal. When talking about you all (jwd posters) to people in my real life, (family, friends, work associates, ect) I always refer to you all as my Online friends.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    As the JW religion was all I knew since I was 5 yrs old - till I left at 48 - I had a pretty empty social platter. JWD filled that platter with a variety of people from different areas and with similar backgrounds.

    A year back I would say the JWD had become 50% of my socialization. Now, probably only 20%.

    I have made some coffee friends at my local coffee shop. I have met a few of the posters here in real life, but distance will keep us from seeing each other too often. I have become friends with books. Family that I had ignored as a witness are part of my life more now.

    Still - I am probably more of a loner than I would have been if I had left the borg at a younger age.

    Lately, I visit the site less often and I view that as a good sign of healing. But I could not imagine how I could have healed so well without all of you here - so let me say for the record;



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