What Role Does JWD Play in Your Social Life?

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  • slugga


    As a Londoner I don't exist on this site as London as an area has been left of the area list. So there's no way of spotting other Londoners on here and therefore no chance of doing anything social with them...

    Thanks Simon

    Grumpy Matt.

  • serendipity

    Unfortunately, this is my social life too.

  • jonsey

    It does play a part...My co-workers and my clients through my Mobile DJ company fill in the rest.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I don't get around nearly as much as I used to. I got myself into trouble and I'm trying to learn from it. So I'm sort of semi-retired now.

    But this site is a tremendous resource. There are good people here who only want to help.



  • misspeaches

    I meet people who I make great friends with. I have met several JWD posters on board here in the flesh. I've become good friends with people who live in countries other to me. I've also reunited with someone and we've become great friends.

  • Virgochik

    This is my social life, mostly. My former friends at work have cooled off since I went into management. Also, my husband is asleep when I come home from the night shift, so I enjoy catching up on the day's posts late at night. It's great to gently heal from childhood memories with you all. And I love reading about other countries, especially New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Canada. It's a great way to learn about other cultures! Keeping up on the Witchtower scandals is fun too, and poking fun takes away our fear of them.

  • Got Milf?
    Got Milf?

    Well, considering that as soon as my mother gets home from work she immediately checks her email and then comes on here, and OF COURSE I hear everything she has posted and/or the replies from somthing she has posted, my social life (well, while at home I guess) consists of JWD. BTW, Delilah is my mom.

    **HI MOM!** lol

    Aside from that, considering I just joined today, JWD hasnt consumed alllllllll of my time. Just our mommy-daughter time.

  • unbeliever


  • theinfamousone

    i spend time... alot of time here, keeps me up late at night almost everynight... ha ha, but its a great way to vent, so i feels good about it too..the infamous one

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    When my JW wife is away for a few weeks visiting family JWD can become a part of my social life, but otherwise, I just pop in to catch up with the latest gossip.

    I have been out for many years and have a good social life already.

    There are many posters here that I would love to meet in person, but chatting on the net isn't quite the same as face to face over a beer or out exploring what our planet has to offer.

    I must say that I am jealous of those of you who are able to attend apostafests and/or know each other personally.

    JWD doesn't seem to have caught on in NZ and I don't think there are any posters within an easy drive from here.



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