My life - a new turn

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  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Congratulations, Inquiry Man. You are a brave man and because of it you will also be happier. Best wishes and good luck. Have some fun!

  • LittleToe


    From what I'm told, it can be a tough realisation to come to.

    Remembering that you still love the woman that you married, even though you've now come to terms with a different sexuality, will no doubt help. It's compounded because of having children, but as you know, there are many who have walked that lonely path before you. I'm glad you've got some support

  • LuckyNun

    I'm not offended at all. I admire your courage and and am very glad you can be honest with yourself and us. I'm very happy for you. I could not imagine having to hide my feelings from everyone about being in love. It would hurt my soul. I am really happy you can say this now. My sister is gay, and she was always angry and depressed. When she came "out" she became much happier and felt like a great weight had been lifted. Of course, she had to move to a town where it was more accepted. Our home town is very archaic. I followed her, and discovered a wonderful, openminded town where I am proud to raise my children. I hope you have a better life, from now on.

  • CountryGuy
    I do not necessarily think my life will be any happier - although I hope so - but much easier, having at last found inner peace.

    For me, growing up as a gay witness, living a lie was the most awful thing about being a JW. It ate away at me, day by day. Having the courage to be true to who you are over the WTS's opinion of who you SHOULD be is a huge first step to a happier life.


  • Undecided

    I don't understand life, it's just too complicated to figure out. Good luck on dealing with your situation. You have more guts than me. I hope it works out for the best for you, your wife and children.

    Ken P.

  • InquiryMan

    Thanks a lot to all the women responding.You’ve a warm and caring heart. Kudos to all of you and I best you all the best!

  • MerryMagdalene

    My best wishes to you and yours too. I hope the support group works out good for you


  • InquiryMan

    I am sure it will. I wanted to say: I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!!! (sometimes my typos haunt me)

  • InquiryMan

    Small update: Today we attended the compulsory mediation meeting for those wanting to file for a separation (after a year one is free to divorce). The mediator was a chief psychologist. Nice person. We had a very good atmosphere during the whole meeting. After some time, both the issues of JWism and my gay-orientation came up. I was able to discuss in a calm, open and even somewhat humerous manner. My wife was gracious as ever. On a direct question from him if she was bitter, she denied any bitterness. The only thing she did regret, was that this has not happened a couple of years earlier. But at that time, I was neither emotionally nor mentally able to handle those issues in the way I do now. I went to my psychologist on a regular basis, and was also on medication and also had suicidal thoughts, although I never tried a serious attempt. After all, I do have my children to live for! And also the way we’re going to arrange things practically is much more in line with our needs now than at the time. We signed the papers, I did it with a lump in my throat, cause I do regret that it ended this way, but it could not have ended any other way. He also stated that he thought I had guts, being able to make two life changing decisions in the past 3-4 yrs (leaving the JWs, and now, slowly leaving the closet). The challenge is now how to tell it in a good way to the children and convey the news to my JW family. But I do feel fine. AS a witness I never felt the "peace of God that excels all thought" (I haven´t looked up a bible passage in three yrs, but I did remember Philipians 4:7, so I guess my acquaring some "epi-gnosis" have not been in total vain. I’d appreaciate it if those I´ve pm´ed replies when they have time for it. And some new ones too. It is heart warming (JW language) when the inbox has a number higher than 0). Tomorrow, I´ll attend my 2nd group meeting in the support group... I am looking forward to that.

  • InquiryMan

    I just re-read my story. It has been a long journey ---

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