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    CD OF THE WEEK: Prince makes his comeback after years of ...
    Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa - 5 hours ago
    ... The Rainbow Children (2001), a jazzy concept album about the Jehovah's Witnesses, made 109 on the Billboard chart, his worst showing for 23 years. ...

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    Whole lotta sex that's about all I can comprehend with this piece Big Brother’s purple reign
    Times Online, UK - 7 minutes ago
    Two years ago there were tales of his new role as a Jehovah’s Witness, going door to door to spread the word. Now he may be knocking on a different door,...

  • free2think

    That would be unbelievably funny if he does go in. I wonder what the borg'll say then?

  • undercover

    Does anyone else see the irony in a JW joining a TV show called Big Brother?

  • carla

    Is he wearing eyeliner? If so wouldn't that be a no-no in the borg?

  • free2think

    Does anyone else see the irony in a JW joining a TV show called Big Brother?

    I didn't think of that. Very ironic.

  • DannyHaszard

    Reviewer (Bloomerg baby) gives Prince bad review partly blames JW's

    Prince's New CD `Planet Earth' Buries Talent Under Indulgence
    Bloomberg - 2 hours ago
    ``Lion of Judah'' refers to the singer's Jehovah's Witness faith. In the good old days, Prince was a rocker, a shocker and a revolutionary. ...

    Prince's New CD `Planet Earth' Buries Talent Under Indulgence

    By Mark Beech

    July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Prince is sometimes his own worst enemy. His CD ``Planet Earth'' has a touch of the genius that made him great, yet buries it amid the posturing that has alienated much of his audience.

    The 49-year-old singer and guitarist started the year as if he was going to party like it was 1999 all over again. His Super Bowl half-time show in February proved he is a spectacular live force, and that was followed by the announcement of a run of concerts in London, which quickly sold out.

    Sadly, Minneapolis's most prolific pop star has flunked it on his 26th album, at a rough count, not including hits and live releases. Only three tracks measure up to his golden era that included ``Purple Rain'' and ``Sign `O' the Times,'' regularly voted in polls as among the best rock albums.

    The Artist Once Again Known as Prince (after a period known by a symbol, a sign of his contrariness) still causes division. Rock fans used to be split between those who thought ``Mr. Lovesexy'' brilliant and those who viewed him as a self-indulgent bore. Now, they've split into a band of aficionados and the majority, who either haven't heard of Prince or don't care.

    Instead, we are left wondering whether he has anything new to say and when he'll get an aggressive editor-producer. His eccentricity and eclecticism, at first intriguing, have become irritating and pushed him toward the periphery.

    Green Stew

    The new CD opens with a six-minute title track that encapsulates both the potential and the problem. There's a bandwagon-jumping, environmental-concern lyric about earth's ``fragile atmosphere.'' It's not Prince's most poetic or subtle - -where is the brilliance of ``When Doves Cry'' with its ``ocean of violets in bloom''? There's a detour into Stevie Wonder-style harmony and that's crowned by an over-the-top guitar solo. Still, the song succeeds because of its gradual build from a plinky piano into a wall of sound and distortion.

    That number's followed by the single ``Guitar,'' the sort of thing Prince probably cranks out in his sleep (``I love you baby but not like I love my guitar''), which is saved by a killer riff. ``The One U Wanna C'' is similarly infectious, though ends up in the easy-listening category. The softer sound veers into jazz on ``Somewhere Here on Earth'' and R&B on ``Future Baby Mama.'' ``Lion of Judah'' refers to the singer's Jehovah's Witness faith.

    In the good old days, Prince was a rocker, a shocker and a revolutionary. Perhaps the most radical thing about this latest release is the decision to make it a free cover mount in a British newspaper -- it's being sold conventionally in other countries.

    Prince has used the Internet to release material and has given away albums with concert tickets, though nothing on this scale before. It leaves him open to the perhaps cynical charge that the CD is so bad it needs to be given away.

    The truth is that this is another not-bad album by a Grammy- winning artist who's still cruising. Even ``Chelsea Rodgers,'' one of the few tracks worth downloading, is a funk workout below his prime. Prince is selling himself short.

    The CD is released by Columbia. It will be out in the U.S. on July 24 priced at $18.98. In the U.K., it is still available in some shops at 1.40 pounds ($2.86) with the Mail on Sunday.

    (Mark Beech writes for Bloomberg News. The opinions expressed are his own.)

    To contact the writer of this review: Mark Beech in London at [email protected] .

    Last Updated: July 18, 2007 01:35 EDT

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    Return to raunch is a frisky business
    The Observer, UK - 6 hours ago
    ... at London's O2 arena - once the Dome - has generated more widespread excitement around the sexpot-turned-Jehovah's Witness than he has enjoyed in years. ... Prince Perfume Can Prince perfume "the smell of truth" cover over the stench of raunch?

    Return to raunch is a frisky business
    raunch (rônch, ränch) pronunciation

    1. Lewdness; vulgarity; obscenity.
    2. Material or a performance that is sexually explicit or evocative: “Audiences are still astonished when she goes for the raunch” (Katrine Ames).
    [Back-formation from RAUNCHY.]

    Thesaurus Back to Top Home > Library > Words > Thesaurus raunch noun

    1. The quality or state of being obscene: bawdiness, coarseness, dirtiness, filthiness, foulness, grossness, lewdness, obscenity, profaneness, profanity, scurrility, scurrilousness, smuttiness, vulgarity, vulgarness. Slangraunchiness. Seedecent/indecent.
    2. Something that is offensive to accepted standards of decency
    Bible defines "raunch" Proverbs 26:11
    As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly. ... conversion and return to the vomit of this world, Whoa,wait a minute I thought only "apostates" return to raunch?
  • Tatiana

    Well, I had a "sister" tell me on the PRINCE board I frequent, that "Do Me Baby" was a spiritual song.

    There aren't enough eye-rolling emoticons to fit on this page for that logic. I told her, "I guess those masturbating sounds he made at the end of the song was him praying to Jehovah."

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    Prince returns to Planet Earth to help us get dirty at the club again…, TX - 1 hour ago
    The turn of the century saw a lot of activity in the camp, as he officially changed his name back to Prince and converted to the Jehovah’s Witness religion. ...

    On July 24, 2007
    , Columbia Records released Planet Earth, the 27th studio album by Prince the follow-up to 2006’s 3121. The album was not distributed in the UK, though it was included with the 7/15/07 edition of The Mail on Sunday newspaper..

    Read this critic review

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