Today I had an eye appointment

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  • DaveNwisconsin

    Today I had an eye appointment and while I was waiting I was looking for a magazine to read. Guess what was there? Yes two of the AWAKE books. One was January and I forgot which other month was out there. I thought I would look through it. I thought it was strange that it dealt with other things other than religion. My first thought was to throw them out but I was board so I took out a pen and drew mustaches on all the ladies and warts on the mens noses. I think I left a few comments from the people too. My thought was maybe someone would get a laugh out of them. Ok, I know I will burn in eternal Armageden for doing it, but hey I don't buy into that anyhow so I am toast to any of the JW'S anyhow. So take me to court, lash me with a thousand Watchtowers, I am up for it. I guess I just had a confession! How many Hail Mary's should I do?

  • Gopher

    Hey, the JW's who left the Asleep! magazines defaced the office by doing so. You were only balancing things out, using your freedom of expression to show a proper reverence for the crap that passes as journalism fine spiritual food. "An eye for an eye in the eye doctor's office!" -- that's what I say.

  • DaveNwisconsin

    I totally love the fact that you called it ASLEEP! That is so awesome I will use that if its ok. Thanks buddy!

  • lucifer

    hahaha I love it!!! I found some here at work, so I sat down flipped threw them while the witness I work with was watching, laughed mockingly and loudly at what it said then threw them out in front of her. PS: about three Hail Mary's should do it

  • lonelysheep

    That reminds me of my last trip to the lab to have bloodwork done. Sometime in the summer of 2004, while still a wt bible student.

    I sat down w/my family and what did I see in the waiting room? You guessed it.

    I remember thinking, "That's going a little too far," since this was where bloodwork was done after all.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    So take me to court, lash me with a thousand Watchtowers, I am up for it.

    Dave, you are a brave man. And I hope the eye appointment went well.

  • DaveNwisconsin

    My eye appointment went real well. In 1993 I had RK surgery to correct my vision. I did not. I made it worse. RK is where they cut spokes in your cornea to flatten it. Then I had stitches put in my eyes and finally had Lasik surgery to correct it. That worked for me but I tell people if they are happy with contacts and glasses to stick with them and leave your eyes alone. I felt like I had new sight after looking thru the ASLEEP books left by some poor soul..........

  • Scully

    heh heh... good job....

    Although, if you are going to "deface" Watchtower or Awake! magazines, you might want to (in addition to the mustaches, etc) write an interesting URL each of the pages. A kind of caveat emptor, if you will.

    Some ideas:

    just to name a few....

  • theredhead

    The apartment I used to live in, they were always in the mail room. I was suprised to see this since it was a locked secure building. I came to find out that a lady was living in our building was putting them down there. I always threw them away. One day she walked in and said " your the one who has been reading them, would you like further to talk abou them?" I told her " Well not exactly, see I have been the one who has been throwing them away,or I i run out of toilet paper I have my hubby run down here to see if its down here, I like to think I was wipping my arse with gods blessing".I kept them in my hand and poiletly said sorry I need to run to the bathroom and left.She never put them down there again!

    And just to let all of you know, No, I never did really use it for toilet paper.

  • Gretchen956

    Lots of folks write on the copies they find. Thats something that could potentially save someone some grief. I have yet to find one anywhere to do that with, but I'm always on the lookout!


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