what have you learned since you left the org?

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    I have learned so much about the org since I da'd - the truth about the UN scandal, the false reasoning regarding the 1914 doctrine, how widespread a problem child abuse really is in the org, things that I would never have found out if I was still in. I can also understand why the gb don't like jws accessing the internet, there is far too much information about the wts on there for their liking.

    The most important thing I have learned, or perhaps re - learned however, is the value of true, non - conditional friendship. For so many years I thought the jws I mixed with were my true friends, but now I know they are not. The friends I've made since leaving don't worry about what I believe, they accept me for what I am, and although I haven't met anyone on this board in person, dedpoet apart of course, I regard you as friends, and hope to meet some of you eventually. I have been here on my own quite a lot recently as dp has been working away, but I haven't been too lonely because I know I can come on the board and chat to people who have shared my experiences, and that has been such a help these last few weeks, so thankyou all for your friendship, I am so grateful.

    love, Linda

    ps dp is back now, and I am happy to see him, though it does mean sharing the pc again, Iv'e had it to myself for the last few weeks.

  • IP_SEC

    How to stand on my own two feet.

  • IronClaw

    The biggest thing that made me really call it quits was the Mexican scam. The reading of Ray Franz books was really an eye opener.

    Since then I have learned to use my mental faculties again.

  • trevor

    I have learned to stop judging people.

    That compliance to the set of values I presently chose to hold should not be a condition of friendship.

    There is no need to be wary of people who wear beards - unless they are women!

  • KW13

    1) God exists but Jehovah of Jw's doesn't. - For example the nights i cried out to him, when i was hit and bullied over a period of 3 years he let me suffer, it stopped when i left JW's and started to look elsewhere for my faith...odd eh?

    2) The Truth is a lie, nevermind my personal experiences. Hardworking dedicated people want to solidify their faith in the WBT and walk away in pieces, the longer they spend in the 'lie' the more it hurts and how i wish i could be there to show each one of them that they are not alone. The depression kicks in and its hell for a while.

    3) IF Jehovah is a loving and patient God. If the Jw's are following Christs footsteps, the teacher that defends the weak, the lonely and lost people...then how come when i was confirmed in my church they kicked me out...too YOUNG to make the decision apparently, yet i am allowed on the ministry to put people a lot older than me in the picture.

  • collegegirl21

    Although I am still sort of in - I have quite a bit of distance away since I am in school.

    I have learned that I need to try and walk on my own two feet and rather than second guessing myself because my parents say its wrong (because of the religion). So I have learned to think for myself, which helps me so much.

    I have learned to like people who are different than me and who have different beliefs. And I've learned so much more, but I can't think of it all right now.

  • greendawn

    That for at least the first 60 years of its existence this organisation was engaging in occultism which means that it is demon guided and protected most likely to this day. Russell published a demon dictated book and Rutherford was into ouija boards and spirit channeling.

    That the end may after all be near because many false prophets like the JWs have appeared in the world.

    That the WTS is a commercial and not a religious enterprise that nonetheless makes money out of exploiting religion.

    That the name jehovah is more correctly read as satan, in other words for the WTS as for the free masons jehovah has a mystical meaning, and that is satan.

  • mrsjones5

    That "Grace" is much deeper than "Undeserved Kindness"


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