"The True Power of Water".... what a book...

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  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    AK - Jeff I agree with you, I read Emoto's book "The Hidden Messages in Water" and now see things in a different way also, it makes perfect sense. We are 70% water and when we say negative words to or about ourselves we get a negative effect, the opposite is also true, positive thoughts have always been known to bring about positive results.

    I don't care about the double blind tests or whatever, I proved his theory to myself and others when I was reading about his experiment about the lake in Japan I believe, that was a stinky, murky water mess and after the incantations became completely clear, I then decided to test this for myself. I had a bottle with a piece of a plant in it which I was hoping to transplant but had not done so in 3 months, you can imagine how nasty that water was, it was completely murky and had slimy things floating in it, I held it and said incantations ie I am greatful for what you do for us, I love you and other positive things all the while really feeling what I was saying, I did this with my eyes closed, and when I was done I opened my eyes and to my astonishment the water was comletely crystal clear, I was holding it up with a puzzled look in my eyes, when my husband came downstairs I said in disbelief "Honey look at the water", he said "Yeah you finally changed it, so what?" (he had been telling just the prior week that, the water was gross and was going to stink up the kitchen), I told him that I hadn't changed it, he said with a puzzled look on his face "I don't understand, what do you mean?", I then told him about what I had done and we were in complete awe.

    I prayed or said incantations to that water for 2 more months without ever changing it, and it remained comletely crystal clear, I can tell you that this is true, if it can do that to murky water, imagine what it can do for ourselves! Thank you for posting this Jeff, may you continue on your journey as I have, realizing that there are things that can't be explained scientifically yet, but that doesn't mean they don't exist and that we can't benefit from them.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx Unclebruce for the chuckle.

    I needed a little levity. Now I shall go off and have a little coffee. Which btw science cannot decide is either good for you or deadly. I shall risk it!


    Edited to add: I saw your post ICBTC, just before I leaving. That is amazing. Thanx for sharing that too. There is much more that we don't know I am sure. Positive spirit I am convinced, is a great force. Thanx again.

  • unclebruce

    LOL@ AK

    Decafe is definitely bad for you!

    .. but there ain't never gonna be nuth'n wrong with cappicino

  • funkyderek

    AK - Jeff:

    I am not a foolish man. I do not need some kid half my age telling me I am so.

    I never said you were foolish, merely that there is no evidence to support the claims you made, and that there is no known mechanism by which they could be true. I'm disappointed you felt the need to resort to personal attacks. You're twice my age - you should know better.


    Some of what you've said on the otherhand is at the cutting edge of true science (you rest in the company of the great 'quacks' - Einstein, Tesler, Freud, Jung and others who pushed the boundries and came up with new understandings of life etc..

    What Emoto has come up with is nowhere near any edge of science - it's simply made up, presumably to sell books and expensive water. Comparing him to the great minds of the last century demeans them.

    The great German water expert Victor Shwarberger was similasrly dismissed and dramatically proved his detractors wrong.

    You mean Viktor Schauberger, I assume? Not a bad trick, that. Finding someone who made important discoveries about the very real scientific properties of water, and implying that someone else who has made up some nonsense about water is in the same category. It's like someone saying: "They laughed at Galileo when he said the earth went round the sun, and they laugh at me when I say the moon is made of green cheese". It's lazy, but can be quite effective on the right audience.

    The Dopey Derek's of this world said that electricity was witchcraft.

    The Dopey Derek's of this world said that hypnotism was delusion.

    The Dopey Dereks of this world forget the computer in front of them only works because of applied 'witchcraft.'

    The Dopey Dereks of this world rarely add antything creative or new.

    Let's face it.. The Dopey Dereks of this world just ain't too bright.

    More cheap shots. Very disappointing coming from you, unclebruce. Of course, it's largely the same trick as you tried above. You find some scientific discovery that was ridiculed by someone. You then try to equate this with anybody ridiculing anything. You compare me to those who believed superstitious nonsense rather than the evidence of science, when in reality I am in the opposite camp.

    Believe what you will, but don't pretend there's any evidence for these fanciful claims.

  • unclebruce

    G'day FD,

    I made no comments at all about this Emoto character or his work but mearly ask that you cut AK some slack. If he has an interesting book to recommend that's ok by me.

    No harm meant bro.

    slack unc.

  • Legolas

    Jeff..I bought the book tonight, I will let you know what I think of it ..LOL..Or if I have any questions I will ask you!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Thanks for the heads up.... I too am going to buy the book. I've been reading a lot of similar information on the law of attraction and vibrational energies .... just keeping an open mind, understanding that there's more mankind doesn't know than the little they've discovered. Thanks again.


  • Mackin

    AK - Jeff, you might be interested in this text from "Swift - May 23, 2003, but I suspect you won't given the way you've villified the common sense postings of Funkyderek. You can find it at: http://www.randi.org/jr/052303.html
    A UK homeopath named Liz Miller fancies that she has discovered why the BBC tests of that quackery were negative. She writes:
    I think you will be amazed at the pictures on www.mercola.com/2002/may/8/prayer.htm. They show that as in homeopathy, water can take on energy from our thoughts. This proves that in the BBC program on homeopathy, Mr. Randi's thoughts could have influenced the outcome.
    I answered her: "Unfortunately for this theory, (a) I was not present when the BBC tests were done, and (b) I was not even aware that they were being done…." Then I looked at that site she'd touted. Amazing.
    Try this on for credibility: A Dr. Masaru Emoto, who boasts certification from the Open International University of Alternative Medicine (???), has made remarkable discoveries about "the concept of micro cluster water." Floating along in his muddy stream of awareness, Dr. Emoto began to study the effect of altering water by various factors of "vibration" and "consciousness." These words are immensely popular with quacks, though they've no notion what they mean. Are you ready? He studied water that had been altered by music — healing music, classical music, heavy metal music, and so forth.
    And he has "crystalline pictures" that reveal how water responds to these influences! As he says, this begins to reveal that water is alive, that it is conscious, and that it responds to applied force by a rearrangement of its inner crystalline properties. Wow! Ah, but that only got him started. It gets better….
    Inspired by these revelations, he decided to study the impact of human consciousness on water and its crystalline order. Dr. Emoto believes he has demonstrated that human thoughts and emotions can alter the molecular structure of water. Now, for the first time, he says, there is physical evidence that the power of our thoughts can change the world within and around us.
    We can see the distinct difference, for example, between crystals formed under the influence of the word, "prayer," and nasty hard rock music. How can we doubt?
    Dr. Emoto found that water that had been consciously altered by the simple imprinting of a "word of intent," would change. Water that was imprinted by "love," "gratitude," and "appreciation," responded by the development of complex crystals — essentially "snowflake" crystals obtained by evaporation and cooling — and an excellent effect was produced by combining the words "love" and "gratitude," as any fool can plainly see in the illustration. But water that was mistreated by negative intentions became disordered and lost its magnificent patterning. In fact, it often took on grotesque forms of resonance, he says.
    Then he really got into the swing of pseudoscience, simplifying matters by just writing words — in any language, of course — on pieces of paper and taping them to a clear glass container to see if anything happened. Positive words like "love" and "thank you" produced beautiful and delicate crystalline patterns, we're told. He tried "You Make Me Sick. I Will Kill You" and he observed distorted, frightening, muddied patterns. We show here the pattern produced by this last phrase. He even experimented with names like "Gandhi," "Mother Teresa," and "Hitler," and the same kind of results occurred. Wow, again!
    And, not to our surprise, Dr. Emoto discovered that the water crystals dutifully form up in response to different ethnic versions of the languages impressed upon them. Here's the expression "thank you" in both Japanese and English. You can see the distinct variations, can't you?
    Well, if that didn't convince you that Dr. Emoto might not have both oars in the water, try this, a quotation from him in answer to his thoughts on what the crystals are: "I came to the realization that these crystals are spirits." Okay. Where's the door….?
    Let's spend a moment to wonder about how such a view can be brought about. Dr. Emoto might very well believe that he's doing science. But he's not. He does no double-blind procedures, for one thing, which dooms these amateur efforts, right from the beginning. If he were to be blind to which words were being used to influence the water crystals, his search through the results looking for confirmation, would be inconclusive. I'll risk the JREF million-dollar prize on that statement. If Dr. Emoto wants to win the prize, let him agree to perform his tests in a double-blind fashion, and I predict he'll get fuzzy results that prove nothing.

  • Pleasuredome

    i've read the book, and its a great concept that he puts forward. but i have to agree with FD, that the book is very disappointing in terms of it being scientificaly sound. however on an intuitive level, i feel that his concept is true, in that conciousness can affect matter.

  • Legolas

    Wow Jeff...I am only on the third chapter but I am loving the book so far!

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