Their "BIG" news 'KNOCKING' documentary

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  • kid-A

    There is no official connection to the Watchtower Society, though the Bethel organization in Brooklyn, Patterson and Wallkill,
    New York has been cooperative with the producers of this film.
    We interviewed Watchtower representatives on camera and filmed inside Bethel.
    Watchtower has no financial ties to this project, nor any editorial control.
    That says it all! There is no way in HELL the WTBS would have allowed his cameras within 100 miles of them if they had not first meticulously approved the script and all the content of the documentary. This alone renders this a "non-documentary" in that the 'documentarian' has already allied himself with the subject of his investigation and completely biased his content, a priori.

  • GetBusyLiving

    It makes me sick to the pit of my very being that this bias shit will be unleashed on the world via PBS.

    Has anyone gotten a response back to their letters of outrage?


  • Gary1914

    Kid-A, I wholeheartedly agree!

  • DannyHaszard
    We need to bombard pbs with letters and or e mails to make some impression of the amount of viewers that object to this project.
  • sf

    New York has been cooperative with the producers of this film. We interviewed Watchtower representatives on camera and filmed inside Bethel.

    Yet, they won't allow Dateline camera's in for comments on the child molestation issue or interviews regarding the "BIG NEWS".



  • valkyrie

    I wouldn't act in haste to condemn or denigrate the piece before it has been viewed. Why? See how the following website ["The Masonic Connection of the Watchtower II"] demonstrates Mr. Engardio's earlier reportage on the state of JW doctrine (

    The biggest change in doctrine in decades (no more "1914 generation") is having an effect on many Witnesses, though the Watchtower would not tell you that. The L.A. Times (S.F.Valley edition) ran an article on the change recently, and the Newsweek of November 18,1995 featured an article entitled, "Apocalypse Later." Newsweek magazine - December 18, 1995, p.59, Religion section. Article by Kenneth L. Woodard, with Joel P. Engardio.. Title: Apocalypse Later. Subtitle: Jehovah's Witnesses decide the end, "THE THIRD MILLENNIUM, is just four years away, and you'd think that Jehovah's Witnesses would be ecstatic. Ever since the movement's inception in the 1870s, the Witnesses have insisted that the world, as we know it, is about to end. According to their unique "Biblical" calculations, the countdown to Armageddon commenced in 1914 - the first world war was a major sign - and Christ would establish his millennial kingdom on earth "before the generation who saw the events of 1914, passes away." For countless Witnesses, this prediction was good reason not to save money, start a career or make burial plans. As one of their leaders famously preached in 1918: "Millions now living will never die."
    "Now, it seems, all millennial bets are off. In last month's issue of The Watchtower, the sect's leaders quietly acknowledged that Jesus was right in the first place, when he said that "noone knows the day or the hour." All previous references to timetables for Armageddon, the magazine now suggests, were speculation rather than settled doctrine. The year 1914 still marks the beginning of the last days. But those who hoped to witness the battle of Armageddon and the establishment of God's kingdom on earth will have to wait. Henceforth, any generation that experiences such calamities as war and plagues like AIDS could be the one to witness the end times. In short, the increasingly middleclass Witnesses would do well to buy life insurance."

    ************ It appears that Mr. Engardio is capable of producing an unbiased report on some aspect of JW-life. He simply may choose not to reveal his hand too early in the 'game'. How else to secure the trust and cooperation of potentially hostile and suspicious participants?
    Just food for thought. - V. (apologies, in advance, for this partial reproduction of a post from a related - but no longer active (save for my recent post) - thread).

  • DannyHaszard

    [....But we don’t shy from criticism. Our aim is that everything is fair and accurate. We show
    both the ups and downs, including what it is like for Witnesses who
    have unbelieving or opposing family members, and how divided families can
    find common ground
    . For instance, the young man who undergoes a
    groundbreaking bloodless liver transplant has opposing family members who come
    to the hospital to see first-hand how the new bloodless technology works.]]

    What this sounds like to me,just my educated opinion:

    This is misleading as most "divided JW familys" have been wrecked by the Watchtower cult in the first place and are forbidden by the WT leaders from ever finding any "common ground".The "bloodless technology" is a expeditious spin-off of a deadly and bogus no blood dogma.

    Thye are going to portray "opposers" as bigoted ignorants who need to find JW/WT enlightment.

  • valkyrie

    Oops! I saw DH's post (2 minutes after mine was in limbo for format correction) and almosted posted same message twice!

  • Oroborus21

    I find it pretty amazing that any of you would pre-judge something that you haven't even seen in its final form or even a rough-cut of. All you have is the description of the thing and what it has been described and what is from the website. But the thing isn't even done yet!

    Why not wait to see how it actually turns out and then complain about it if you must? When you actually have facts or counter-arguments or flaws to point out. You don't know what the documentary will cover and what it won't, etc. and you are all gong off about it.

    You lost a lot of credibility with this one Danny.

    This kind of thing only gives opposers to JWs a bad name and proves that you are just as judgmental and biased as Jehovah's Witnesses can be. You are all no better because just as JWs do not permit certain speech and try to place a chilling effect upon certain speech - all of you that have posted in this thread advocating a prior-restraint or speaking out against this movie are doing exactly the same thing that the Society does.


  • DannyHaszard
    You lost a lot of credibility with this one Danny

    I have no personal ego and no credentials or credibilty to worry about losing.Aren't you some kind of prestigious legal hack?

    There are hundreds of active pro JW pages,blogs and sites already linked to

    Now if this is a 'fair and unbiased' production they will be in for a big shock won't they?

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