Are Winter Olympics Boring?

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  • Oroborus21

    Is it just me or are the Winter Olympics Boring?

    I dunno, maybe ice hockey sometimes is interesting and a few of the short speed skating events...but ice skating, all the skiing events, even all seems pretty boring to me. And I like to ski but watching it on TV - boring.

    The Summer Games are so much more interesting.


  • prophecor

    Hi Ed. I don't purposely go out of my way to watch the Winter Olympics, I just happened to catch by chance, the downhill speed skating time trials last night. I was floored. I can't imagine going at those speeds with out a vehicle to surround you. I was on pins and needles watching some of those guys.

  • stillajwexelder

    regular or winter olympics are both boring IMHO

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I'm actually enjoying them From what I saw today Canada got it's first ever Gold medal in Women's Moguls


    Women's Moguls: Jennifer Heil of Spruce Grove, Alta., captured Canada's first podium finish of the games by winning the gold medal. She ranked first after the preliminary round with a score of 26.67 points and posted a mark of 26.50 in the final.

    Watching her come down that hill was awesome.

    The Canadian Women's hockey team crushed Italy in that game.

    Canadian women crush Italy 16-0 in hockey

    Canada opened the Olympic women's hockey tournament with a 16-0 pounding of host Italy on Saturday.

    Prior to Saturday's game, no Canadian player had scored more than one goal in a period at the Olympics, but Ouellette erased that with two goals in the first two minutes of the game.

    Canada outshot the hosts 47-5 in the first 40 minutes and 66-5 overall.

    I saw the beginning of the game and was stunned when they got 2 goals in the first 2 minutes.

    Not boring for Canadians

  • DanTheMan

    Seriously, I didn't even know we were in an Olympic year until I saw the "Nordic Combine" on TV today. I'm somewhat of a sports fan, but the Olympics don't draw me in at all, summer or winter.

  • Cellist

    I personally find everything about the Olympics boring. Summer or winter.


  • Purza

    I don't find them terribly exciting, especially since I know who very few of the athletes are. But now that football season is over (except for the pro-bowl tomorrow), I don't mind having it on in the background. I am interested in the snowboarding events though. I snowboard and I could never dream about being as good as the few clips that I have seen in this Olympics.


  • Gretchen956

    No, but this dam movie I got from Netflix is boring. Uggghhh... Anyone seen Collateral with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx?


  • arrowstar

    What?? No curling fans???

  • Finally-Free

    I've always liked the winter Olympics and found the summer games terribly boring. You couldn't pay me to watch the summer games.


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