Are Winter Olympics Boring?

by Oroborus21 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • CountryGuy

    Boring? That's hard to say, it really depends on your taste.

    Do I think the biathalon, ice dancing and luge events are boring: Yes
    Do I think the hocky matches, ice skating and speed skating events are boring: No

    We all like different things. Some of us love sports, but only as participants, not as spectators. Others of us are awed by the accomplishments of others. Surely there's at least one event that every person enjoys. And, in the US, the networks of NBC are broadcasting the Olympics, so surely you can catch that one event if you wish.

    I do have to say that I never watched an Olympic event until I left the JWs. I was all brainwashed into believing that it would gt caught up in all that national pride and displease Jehovah the WTS.


  • Eric

    As I write this, our Canadian lesbian ice hockey squad is trouncing the Russian lesbian squad 12 - 0!

    Canadian dykes Rule! Just joking, folks, stay cool, these are winter games...

    I decided years ago I would no longer watch any "judged" sports. Figure skating is easily the worst and most obvious of the sports that are screwed up by political and socially motivated scoring but it was boxing that finally did it for me. It is not always as horrible as the Korean games, but sometimes when the fix is in before the fight even starts, the judging is just so plainly biased I could not stomach it anymore.

    I dig any speed sport, luge skeleton, bobsliegh, downhill skiing, or international sports decided by goals scored.

    Why in the name of the Great Wazoo does 90metre ski jumping need style points added? It shouldn't matter if the jumper windmills through the air like an out of control ragdoll or holds a beautiful form. If windmilling gets him 6cm further down the hill than anyone else, he should win it. I'm guessing that the IOC needed to feathebe a few spots for judges.

    Go Canada!


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