Four Blood Moons might be significant

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    You are nearing the point of becoming the looniest tune yet, and we have had a LOT of looney tunes. I did like your attempt at humor by showing the picture of the African American woman though; there is hope in you yet! And thank you again for confirming all that I have said about you since about page 2. Each time you approach the keyboard you make my job here easier and easier.

    And knowing that I specifically got under your skin and that the best you could do in response was to post the funny picture tells me that I was spot on. Thank you.

  • DJS

    Thanks Witness My Fury. But sometimes the killer whale just HAS to toss the seal around a bit before eating it. Why I use sarcasm, ridicule and mocking rather than reason:

  • Stealth
    When the bible is read by the mentally ill, this is the result.
  • CharlieSmith1975

    DJS. I know you have an incredibly short attention span, so I'm really going to try to just list this without an explanation. I feel bad you lost your faith and all. That can be devastating. Anyway, this is why you will never, ever get anywhere with someone like me. Watch this.

    IMPRESSED WITH THE MATH: Okay, per the Bible Jesus appears during the 70th week. The first time he appears at the beginning of the week and dies in the middle of the week. That's just half a week. So when he comes the second time, he comes to fulfill the second half of the week and so he arrives in the middle of the 70th week. the 70th week of the 1st coming, of course, was 29-36 CE. We calculate down to our day 70-week periods to 1996, which ends the 70th week of the 2nd coming.

    4 x 490 = 1960; 1960 + 36 = 1996

    So if the 70th week of the 2nd coming is from 1989-1996 and he is supposed to arrive just before the mid-week passover, which was April 6, 1993, then he arrives sometime between 1992-1993. That's just the "70 weeks" prophecy.

    But then it gets trippy. You see, the 70 weeks prophecy begins the 1st of Cyrus, meaning the 1st of Cyrus per the Bible occurred in 455 BCE. The Persians revised the timeline and the Jews have been maintaining the phony timeline ever since. Anyway, when 455 BC dates the 1st of Cyrus, ending 70 years of servitude for the last deportees, it means year 23 of Nebuchadnezzar II falls in 525 BCE. That means year 19 falls in 529 BCE, which is the year Jerusalem falls. If that is really the case, we have a potential problem, right? Right! Because the "7 times" prophecy, which JWs have made so famous, claims that Christ returns 2520 years after the fall of Jerusalem. So look what we get when we use the Bible's date for the fall of Jerusalem in 529 BCE.

    2520 - 607 = 1913 + 1 = 1914

    2520 - 529 = 1991 +1 = 1992

    Oops! Based on the 70 weeks prophecy the middle of the 70th week occurs in 1992. Based on the Bible's dating of the fall of Jerusalem in 529 BCE, the 2nd coming occurs in 1992. So two prophecies pointing to the precise year of the second coming point to the same year!

    You know the "1335 days" prophecy? that prophecy says Christ is to arrive 45 years after the 1290 days end, which ends when the Jews come out of exile. That happened on November 30, 1947. Thus if November 30, 1947 ends the 1290 days, then the Christ must arrive 45 years later, sometime between November 30, 1992 and November 30, 1993.

    Ooops! A third chronology prophecy pointing to the SAME DATE for the 2nd coming.

    Now we all know Jesus didn't arrive in 1993, right? But we can all see why this match-up of three prophecies to the same year doesn't exactly discourage me from trying to manipulate history and Bible prophecies, when I'm so successful at it.

    So be an atheist or whatever you want. There is simply no reason for me not to get a natural crack-high from Bible prophecy at this point. It's just too much fun. Especially since it involves exposing the WTS and their evil deeds! People who say so sincerely they are atheists, I just feel sorry for them, really.

    DJS! Glad you got a good laugh out of that picture. But trust me my friend, the laugh this time is totally on you!

    The one advantage I had, I think, is that I was never really that impressed with the WTS because they made so many mistakes. I just considered them God's imperfect organization basically and some things I couldn't accept I figured they'd change later.

    I was really hurt by them. I made the mistake of thinking if I got married it would cure my being gay and transgendered. But it didn't. It made it worse. I was frustrated and desperate and decided to commit fornication to get disfellowshipped so I could try to figure out what was going on. I didn't feel my faith was real unless I could be MYSELF! I felt as though I was a woman. That's how I saw the world from the inside out. But I had gotten married. The brothers on the committee came over and they just felt sorry for me and didn't want to disfellowship me. This was in 1970. So they threatened me and told me if I didn't correct my ways, my wife could divorce me. But I was an incredibly studious person. I immediately told them: "No she can't!" I usually know more than they do because I've been in the truth longer. I was "raised in the truth." But at that time, the WTS taught that only committing adultery with another woman was grounds for divorce. Having sex with another man or an animal (bestiality) was NOT grounds for divorce. So me and my wife were stuck together, even though I wanted to set her free and I had started having sex with men (again). It didn't seem fair, but those were the rules!

    But guess what? Two years later in 1972 they revised their thinking. They understood "porneia" to include any kind of sexual misconduct, including homosexuality. By then my wife had abandoned me and fallen out of the truth and began a life of fornication herself. But it made so much sense a woman should be able to divorce a man having sex with other men since what if he got AIDS? Sure, I made those choices, but I still blamed the WTS for not understanding that issue sooner. It caused a lot of pain.

    The irony is, I really also loved the truth. So if in fact it was the WTS' view that homosexuality was adultery, I never would have done it. For some reason in my mind, committing adultery against your mate was something I wouldn't do. I knew I was hurting her by sleeping with men, but in my mind and under WTS law I wasn't committing adultery! So it would have greatly affected my life. I would have found other ways to deal with my gender dysphoria. But through it all, I still maintained by faith and hope in Jehovah. I didn't lose that. And all those years I was out there whoring and prostituting and trying to find myself, I was still wanting to come back somehow. I just didn't know how. Until one day I took a drug. I was never into drugs. But I did experiment. I tried some acid once. I tried weed, which still doesn't do a thing for me! But some friends had some "THC" and when I tried that, it was like a powerful truth serum. I could see my life was nowhere and I realized my true love was back in the organization, so I left that life. I had been living as a woman by that time for three years. I was basically very happy. But I was willing to give up that happiness to be back in Jehovah's favor, if possible.

    So that's why I said the JOKE is on you as far as that picture is concerned. That's because that picture is ME. The joke is that that is not a woman. It's me in drag last Halloween. I'm transgendered, so I'm smarter than the average person. Have you ever noticed how smart transgendered people are? In ancient times they used "eunuchs" (gays) as court officials. So much so that the Egyptian term for a "eunuch", saris, is the same word used for "court official." In China eunuchs were used as servants to the Emperor. Freud in his studies of human sexuality had also found that gay men were consistently more intelligent than the non-gay man; not a whole lot, but in general. So.

    Anyway, I'm not that white and I'm no woman... not a real one, anyway. And this is REALLY ME. It's not a joke, but I'm glad you got a laugh out of it the first time!

  • Caedes

    So does this mean you have decided you aren't jesus?

  • DJS
    You are correct about two things. Religious people typically aren't smart, and i don't believe this is you. Where are the rest of the Supremes? But I am starting to like you a bit more. Geesh. And Ms. Ross, in the future, if you would at least try to shorten your posts a bit, the rest of us might actually read all of them.
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    DJS, all this crap has been done to death:

    Jcannon before that. Must we see it all again over and over?

    Yes that's him in the photo, he's a cross dressing Diana Ross impersonator and thinks he's the messiah. Nothing to see here, move along....

  • DJS
    Thanks WMF!
  • FayeDunaway
    Charlie, I think you're a bit crazy. I think you've had a hard life. If you had been allowed to live the way you were born to live, you wouldn't have been like this, but much more at peace. Bad luck that you were in this extremist religion. You've become obsessed with it. The complexities of it, which are absurd, have you all strung out. Jesus loves you the way you are. Don't dwell on scewed witness interpretation of bible prophesy. You have a nice face and are a pretty girl.
  • Simon

    Please get some help?

    I don't get it. Lots of people believe in heaven and the Bible and all that. Are they all "crazy" also?

    Yes! Yes they are. But not everyone shares their crazy like you.

    We don't want you to share it here anymore though.

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