ROFL! Is this desperation for SOMETHING to create urgency?

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  • Gregor

    More ironic, I think, than the silly "looking for signs and portents" in the WT illustrations is the fact that the book "Your Will Be Done on Earth" (light green as I remember) was a verse by verse interpretation of the book of Daniel that clearly conjectured (of course it was called The Truth at the time) that Russia, King of the North and the US, King of the South would eventually use their terrible (nuclear)weapons on each other and that the resulting world chaos would segue into Armageddon. I clearly remember how superior all us JW's felt to be "on the inside track" of world events.

    Time and real world events of course has led the WTB&TS to have completely abandoned their original teaching. What's new? They are masters at getting out of the corners they have painted themselves into. Like the generation of 1914 fiasco.

  • undercover

    So the WT illustrators are now prophets as well?

  • Mary
    Actually I am sitting here in shock and dismay. Mary, my baby was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and words such as yours are not funny and are hurtful. Perhaps you could find another way to get your point across without resorting to childish name calling that only hurts those that cannot defend themselves.

    For heavens sake, why are people so bloody quick to take offence at every single comment that can possibly be made on this board. Perhaps no one should ever say anything that's even remotely politically incorrect, less someone take offence. Iforget, did I say anything about your baby? Did I say anything about anyone with Down Syndrome? You know full well that the comment was made to poke fun at the Organization and not helpless babies. If you took it that way, then I'm sorry you couldn't see the lighter side of what I was trying to convey. Perhaps no one on here should ever make a comment about the GB as they're all seniors and we wouldn't want to offend anyone.

  • LDH
    Well i looked at the quoted articles and to me it just seems the society feels nothing is happening and needed hype, so they exploited some of their poor drawings

    Poor drawings would be an accurate description. LOL.

    This thread is hilarious.

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