I'm an Organ Donor

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  • Moridin

    I'm an organ donor and on the bone marrow donor list. I figure with my organs why not help some people out I'm dead any way and with the bone marrow, ya it'll be painful, but worth it to try to save someone else's life or at least add some years for them.

  • deeskis

    Me too, I signed the form on my drivers licence. I've also donated blood in the past.

    as a nurse I've also given blood transfusions........(well, the doc hooks it up - the buck stops there...... but the nurses monitor the transfusion), I've seen people so much improved after their treatment.

    Pity my mum almost died for refusing hers. she would have been able to care for her children and new born baby so much better.

  • nsrn

    Okay, I'll take a risk and be the lone dissenter. I do not wish to be an organ donor. I realize that if my child needed an organ, I'd probably change my tune. So I'm probably being totally illogical. BUT, as a nurse, I've seen both sides of the process, and the whole business reminds me too much of a vulture, circling the dying prey.

    I have mixed feelings about alot of things. I administer blood transfusions regularly, but I still feel wierd about it. I celebrate Christmas, but I still hope my parents don't stop by and see the tree. I have a strong faith and a wonderful church family, but I dodge a witness at the door like they have the plague.

  • calico

    I have to renew my driver's license--I am going to sign up to be an organ doner, too. I figure my organs are in pretty good shape--I've lead a boring life! It's nice to think that I could save someone's child or grandma or mom, etc. I knew of someone who died waiting for a liver.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Welcome nsrn

    Don't feel bad about 'dissenting' maybe time might change you. I was always scared that they might take your organs before you're actually dead (because you're kept on life support until 'harvesting'). I understand things a bit better now!

    My sister is a nurse who has been involved in all sides like yourself, which is why as I mentioned above, I've respected her request not to donate my eyes - she found that particularly distressing.

    In the UK they have specially trained transplant co-ordinators to support and advise donor's families. Do you have something similar in the US?

  • nsrn

    Thanks, Sad Emo. Yes, there are representatives from the organ bank that counsel with the donor families. These are most common in larger hospitals with trauma centers, where patients are on ventilators after severe head trauma or overdose or such, and they can 'harvest' every intact organ while they are still functioning. In the more rural area where I work, the nursing supervisor or charge nurse (sometimes me!) approaches the family of a freshly dead patient and asks if the patient ever expressed a desire to be an organ donor. If so, we have them sign consent and a team comes up from the organ bank to 'harvest' eyes, heart valves, muscle fascia, skin, and long bones. There is no cost to the donor family.

  • Purza

    I am an organ donor. I am not sure where I got this site -- part of me thinks it came in the mail with my driver's license renewal. Anyway, in the State of California you can register to be an organ donor online. http://www.donatelifecalifornia.org/ Perhaps other states have something similar?


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Yes, I am an organ donor, have been for several years. My sister has a liver disease and if she ever needs a transplant, I hope she could get one. I've seen shows where donors families are introduced to the people their loved ones donated organs too and they are so thankful.

    If I have to die, and my death could mean life to someone else, that's gotta be some good karma!

    I did draw the line at donating my body to science though. I can't live with the thought of me lying naked on a cold steel slab with a bunch of med students examining every inch of me!!!

  • DaveNwisconsin

    I still need my organ!

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