I'm an Organ Donor

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  • prophecor

    Are You?


    Why Not?

  • liquidsky

    I'm not. I really don't have a good reason why. I'm just too lazy to change that info on my drivers license.

  • misspeaches

    I am. I made my wishes clear to my parents when I learnt about organ donation back in High School. (JW mum was appalled!)

    Then last year I found that you could register with the organ donation foundation here in Australia so if you go to hospital it comes up with that wish. Which is good in case anyone tried to go against my wishes.

    I heard first hand the experience of a woman who was a donor recipient. I saw how healthy she was. We saw images of her at her worst. And her gratitude to the family although she will never meet them (your not allowed to know its against the law) was overwhelming.

    I think organ donation is one of the greatest gifts you could give someone - its a gift of life.

  • AuldSoul

    Steam, bellows, or electric? I don't think I would conscientiously object to donating an electric organ, but the others...

    Seriously, yes I am. I am also possessed of a will and DPA that will see my body burned to ash (it would be upon a bier atop a pyre, but City and County ordinances were against me) so I saw no reason to hang onto the bits of me that might save someone else's life for a while longer.

    Besides, I'm hoping I can repossess my body parts after death. (Muuahahahahahahaaaa!) That would be cool.


  • blondie

    I was an organ donor even when I was a JW; so it just continues. I figured if I would accept an organ, I should be willing to donate mine after death; and to friends and certain family while alive. I went down and registered with the Bone Marrow Registry. Haven't matched anyone so far.


  • purplesofa

    Yes I am a donor.

    Years ago when my kids were younger......three of their friends, 3 brothers, died in a house fire, very close to our home. They were playmates and classmates. I saw them take the youngest boy from the house and work on him in the yard on the hard bare ground to revive him. The mother screaming hysterically after seeing the frist two brothers taken away by ambulance.

    The organs from these three young boys saved many lives. A special television program was done a few years after the fire of the people that the donated organs saved.

    It touched my deeply. From then on I have been a donor.


  • Satanus

    Auldsoul (beastly number 2222) said,


    I should have known


  • Super_Becka

    Yes I am, I carry a donor card in my wallet and my family knows of my wishes. I'm also a blood donor. Obviously, I'm not a JW.

    Why?? Because I have these things and I am able to donate, so why not?? I donate my blood to help people, and if I die, then maybe I can save lives with the organs that I'll no longer be needing. Why not?? People die every day because they can't get an organ transplant in time, so if at some point something happens to me and my organs can be used, I feel good knowing that someone out there will benefit from me, that someone's family will be able to have more time with their loved one, even though my family will not have any more time with me. If I can save even one life, or at least make it better, then my job here is done.

    -Becka :)

  • Bryan

    I donated a kidney. I suppose when the time is right... the rest of me will go, too.


  • stillAwitness

    I'm a donor but I wish I wasn't. Only reason I am is because its half off on the fee for getting my license.

    But I do want to change it. I mean what if I get into a car accident and at that very same moment Bush needs a few organs for himself?

    I may still be alive but they may just take my stuff anyways just to save him.


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